Throwback Thursday: Ragen’s Artificial Kneecap

One of Ragen’s most bizarre Livejournal claims is that she has a plastic prosthetic knee implant due to shattering her kneecap (patella) when she was in high school.

This would be a “patellofemoral” replacement, not a total knee replacement.

To start, the timeline for this injury makes no sense. If you fracture your patella, it’s treated just like any other bone fracture with immobilization and/or surgery to unite the bone and let it heal. It would only be replaced later due to major degenerative complications like arthritis, which would probably significantly impact her ability to compete in an IRONMAN event. It would also be very important for her to maintain a healthy weight to avoid extra stress on the damaged joint.

Ragen has taken numerous opportunities to brag about stress fractures, IT band syndrome, muscle strains, ankle sprains, and all the other exercise injuries she’s sustained. She’s given out her Perfect Bloodwork™ numbers and perfect blood pressure readings. She’s bitterly complained about her doctors ignoring problems because of her weight, including knee pain. She’s written about experiencing knee pain as both a thin person and a fat person, and how differently doctors treated her. But she’s never mentioned her knee implant on either of her current blogs.

Is this another story Ragen simply made up? If not, why is she pretending it never happened, when it would clearly have a profound impact on her claims of elite athleticism, health, and poor interactions with doctors?

12 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday: Ragen’s Artificial Kneecap

  1. Had she shattered her kneecap I guarantee that she’d be having lingering issues–like arthritis–and be unable to run. Oh, wait. She is unable to run.I still don’t buy it. And she was going to be a tripper? Ragen, plz

  2. Is that definitely 100% her old website? She seems to be completely delusional. I absolutely shattered my ankle, broke all three bones and was on crutches for 5 months and a few different docs told me I should try to lose weight to make recovery easier and I was only 10kg overweight let alone 60+.

    • We are absolutely certain it’s her old blog. It chronicles numerous business, dancing, and personal experiences we can independently verify, and the final post even directs readers to her Dances With Fat Livejournal, which eventually became the WordPress site she uses now. In fact, she deleted the Livejournal accounts as soon as she realized they had been discovered. There is no question whatsoever about whether she wrote the material presented in these TBT posts. She really does believe she is psychic and makes up major surgeries, and there is plenty more to come.

  3. Yes – that is absolutely her old LiveJournal. And delusional is saying it nicely. I’ll try to get something up to prove that it is her. But her old LJ name was Solice. She took it down after it was posted to Reddit. But there are plenty of screenshots floating around. I’ll try to find something that proves it’s her and post it.

  4. I had surgery to reattach a bone in my left knee due to it dislocating. It still dislocates but the right knee has been dislocating for a lot longer. I cannot run, jog, skip, jump, etc. I highly doubt that she would be able to compete being overweight with a knee injury.

  5. Sounds made up. If you experience knee pain so bad it makes you tear up and then hike 4 more miles on it, you’re not even going to consider racquetball the next morning after only some icing and stretching. You’re going to want to take it real easy for at least a week. Knee pain is no joke. Sounds like a story to tell if she wanted to make herself sound tough.

  6. […] Ragen is similarly inconsistent with the fat shaming knee doctor story. This encounter originated as a hypothetical story in her “Dealing at the Doctor’s Office” ebook, and quickly became a favourite piece she has rewritten several times. The narrative differences between each retelling are so great we don’t believe any version of this story is an accurate account of an interaction Ragen had with a doctor. There is also no plausible timeframe for this story to have taken place since Ragen’s activities are well-documented on her blogs going back as far as 2002. Finally, it is telling that neither Ragen nor her hypothetical doctor ever mentions highly relevant details like her shattered kneecap and knee implant. […]

  7. […] By Ragen’s own account, she was the most successful high school student in the entire history of secondary education. She participated in so many activities she was at school from 7am to 8pm every day in addition to many hours of daily practice as a teenage professional-level clarinet soloist as well as working as a waitress in her last years and recovering from a devastating knee fracture. […]

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