Long overdue HIM training blog


It’s been a while since I’ve updated my part of this blog and I think for good reason. Very simply the other authors of this blog having been doing an amazing job at chipping away at Ragen’s absolute nonsense with some cold hard facts. It’s hard to dispute the numbers that have been put forth here and here.

The 5000 Little Lies entry alone should be enough to send Ragen into the depths of utter and complete obscurity. I cannot see how any rational person can look at that and ever think that Ragen is anything but delusional or a liar or probably both.

But onto training…

Things are progressing almost as they should. The problem with taking on something like this is that there is never enough make up time. I have missed several workouts because life does get in the way and I have yet to figure out a decent way to work in what I’ve missed. I have found myself trying to do make up runs and rides late at night which fine but that tends to mess with my sleep schedule and then creates a cycle of fatigue that certainly does not help.  I think I just need to work harder be consistent at this point.

Life does present itself with many mixed blessings…my kids are starting their competitive swim season. Basically our kid year revolves around swimming because it is a six day a week thrash fest from April to July. They are in a very competitive league that not only includes practices and meets but team dinners, the annual camp out and decorating cars and bodies with inspirational slogans such as “eat my bubbles.”  So now I have one other thing to add to the schedule, but the blessing of this starting now is I have access to a swim coach–which I’ve discovered I need. I spoke with one of the kids coaches yesterday and she is willing to meet with me as often as I need to get some efficiencies back into my stroke…

So here’s where I am as far as numbers go…

This week’s run/walks: (2 mins running + 3 mins walking)x9 for a total of 4×45 min runs this week. I did have an appointment with my urologist last week and there is still a faint amount of blood in my urine. Otherwise I would be comfortable increasing the run/walk ratio.  No doubt I am losing ground from where I would like to be but I’m thinking as long as that blood is present I need to follow the docs orders. He is not a fan of my running but does not seem to think its going to kill me as long as I take it easy.

Cycling: to get some focus into my rides, I did some research (or as its called now: Google) and found a decent couch to century program that can be found here: http://www.duvine.com/blog/1474/Training-For-A-Bicycle-Tour-From-Couch-To-Century It’s very simple and really offers a guideline to start building up the miles. If you look at the chart, this will be my last week of month 1. I did not do the full 3 hour ride in week three because of time and I think with everything else I need to do, I will cap training rides at 3 hours, but may modify this if I find an open Saturday somewhere. I do need to find a way to mix in some drills. I have a vague notion of a few I used to do when I was training in college but I think I could do better. I’ve been checking out the app based programs such as http://www.thesufferfest.com and DVD based like http://www.Spinervals.com but just not sure which way I want to direct my money. If anyone reading has recommendations, by all means let me know.

Swimming: God how I love being in a swimmers only pool. I have redone my swimplan.com membership and am using their workouts to get in between 1500 and 2000 meters a day. I think once I find some efficiencies in my stroke I can start to get 2200-2500 meters in the same amount of time. I do need to start upping the distance and staying in the pool longer but I’m not pressing this too hard at this point.

Thanks for reading everyone…


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