Another Day, Another BS Excuse

Today Ragen updated her IronFat blog for the first time in over two weeks to tell us all about how much her rigorous travel and work schedule impacts her IRONMAN training. We’ll get to the first part later in the post, but first let’s discuss the photo she posted of her dog in a hotel room. Ragen’s girlfriend Julianne travelled up north in California to visit her parents for Easter on Saturday, and Ragen followed on Sunday. After bragging about her elite home cleaning skills, she complained on Facebook about having to find a hotel that accommodates her dog because she refuses to stay with Julianne’s parents (because they don’t accept HAES). She then quickly deleted the post.

She’s using a 1 1/2 year old photo of a hotel room help illustrate the terrible training hardships she faces as a business traveller during a one night self-imposed hotel stay. Specifically in a hotel chain (Westin) that not only has a company-wide well-being program but also has a running concierge on staff and provides safe running routes for their locations. The irony is incredible.

Ragen likes to pretend she’s a self-employed business owner who frequently flies all over the world and stays at locations for days at a time with gruelling 7 am to 10 pm work schedules while spreading her HAES message. In reality, Ragen gives canned one hour talks about her favourite life stories like the spaghetti straps judge, how impossible it is to lose weight, and how weight isn’t linked to health. She takes a couple of useless questions and leaves. She’s there to make the audience feel better about themselves either for being fat or for not being Ragen. The idea of a speaker being expected to work for 15 hours to give a short talk like this is hilarious.

At her peak, Ragen was doing these speaking engagements every month or two. Ragen is past her peak. She recently removed the list of appearances from her blog because she had nothing to add. At the moment she has a grand total of three paid jobs lined up for the entire year. Ragen charges a “flat fee honorarium” because she’ll take anything she can get.

Apr 8 – Olivet College speaking engagement, Olivet MI

June 12-13 – Instructor at “Dangerous Curves” Plus-Size Belly Dancers Convention, Romulus MI

Sep 13-14 – Keynote speaker at Weight Stigma Conference, Reykjavik Iceland

Let’s talk about Olivet. Ragen complains about having to adjust her running schedule because of the cold 30ºF Michigan nights. Tonight’s low for where she’ll likely be staying is actually 40ºF, and the high and low tomorrow are 52ºF/42ºF. Ragen’s talk is at 1:30 pm at a tiny little college with only 41 staff members and 1145 students. She wants us to believe she seriously has trouble training around this, and one of her three engagements for the entire year would seriously affect her training in general.

Ragen even takes the opportunity to crack jokes about how she supports her overweight dog’s choice to not exercise. As a dog owner you are in complete control of your dog’s diet and exercise, both of which are incredibly important for their health and well-being. It’s one thing to discourage competent adults from exercising while conversely arguing that low fitness level rather than obesity is what’s actually unhealthy. It’s another thing to do the same thing to an animal that depends on you for everything.

So after 2 1/2 weeks, Ragen’s grand training update is that she isn’t training.

6 months, 11 days until Arizona.


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