Comment Moderation Update

I took comment moderation off early into this blog.  Say whatever you want.  I don’t care.  But please know I do delete some of them.  Full transparency and disclosure.

Going forward, if you can’t add anything to the discussion other than a “Hurr Durr…  Ragen is a whale. And dumb.”   Please don’t comment.  I am going to delete it.  It’s just stupid.

Going forward, I will take screenshots of comments before I delete them as proof that they were just that dumb.  And comment that I deleted something.  Full transparency and full disclosure.

This site is maintained simply to record and refute Ragen’s lies.  This isn’t the place for stupid, bullying, hateful comments.

Thank you.



4 thoughts on “Comment Moderation Update

  1. Thanks for that. People can keep that shit over at r/fatpeoplehate, thanks.

    Ragen’s advocacy and lies are bad for fat people. Her fatness is offensive to many people, but this blog wouldn’t exist if she didn’t lie, abandon projects, and make all fat people look stupid and hysterical by presenting herself as a thought leader who media outlets actually call.

  2. lol my comment wasn’t hateful it was a joke. I’ve seen this blog call her an idiot and fat ass, I guess I thought it was acceptable. not my business anymore and I’ll just refrain from commenting.

    • You are probably right and she probably has been called an idiot and fat ass here. Sometimes I get a little annoyed and pissed off. I will admit to that. And at the same time, I will admit that it is wrong. I will go through the blog this week and edit to be more objective. Thanks for pointing that out and please don’t refrain from commenting.

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