Results from the LA Marathon aka She Lied (Again)

And the results are in. Once again, we can prove that Ragen is full of shit.

Ragen said that the reason she pulled out of the LA Marathon was because they changed the cutoff time to 6:30:00 and she wouldn’t be able to get a medal and finish time. She blogged about it here.

Everyone knew back in July that the LA Marathon organizers had already arranged to accommodate late finishers. We pointed out that the finish line was simply being moved off the road into an adjacent park and all late finishers would receive medals and finish times. We blogged about it here. Scroll down to Lie #2 in that blog.

It seems that a “completely obsessed hater” also helpfully informed Ragen of this in blog comments that made it past her elite comment moderation skills, and she had to run damage control when a regular asked about it. She claimed a race organizer told her that even if she received a medal there was no absolute guarantee of an “official” finish time. Apparently Ragen isn’t just doing it for the medal now; she also needs an “official” time no matter how late she decides to waddle over the line. In case she needs to qualify for the Boston Marathon or something.

I took the liberty of emailing the LA Marathon organizers to ask about finish times. An extremely helpful coordinator replied right away and told me the timing mats (used for splits) were indeed taken up around the 9 hour mark to allow traffic flow to re-open (just like Ragen’s Seattle marathon), but that anyone who finished and has a time registered in the results will also receive an official result. Even Ragen’s make-up excuse was bullshit.

So, the LA Marathon is over. And just out of curiosity, I googled the finish times for 80 year old women. There were two finishers. One at just over 7 hours and the other at 8.5 hours. Still a full 4 hours faster than Ragen’s Seattle Marathon time, but who’s keeping track?

Click here to see the results. Play around with them. Get the times for 80 year old men. Shit – check out the times for the handicapped people. People in wheelchairs. 70 year old women. Check them all out. There are people with 11 hour finish times. There are thousands of people with finish times past the 6.5 hour cutoff that Ragen used as an excuse to drop out of the LA Marathon. All of them got off their asses and finished while Ragen wrote whiney blogs about how hard it is to run.

You still won’t find a time even close to Ragen’s dismal Seattle Marathon “official” time of 12.5 hours. Don’t forget, Ragen is, by her own standards, an “elite athlete”.

So yeah – she lied. Again.

14 thoughts on “Results from the LA Marathon aka She Lied (Again)

  1. I love this blog. Anything focusing on science and facts I love. As an anthropologist, I understand that real life isn’t simple and variations in culture and experience plays a huge part. But that’s why I love science and correcting misinformation and lies. Life is tough enough, lies just complicate it more.

    I wish there was a website that cleanly and succinctly debunked all of fatlogic and HAES. Not rudely or vulgarly (I know it’s hard when this stuff is so fucking stupid sometimes). Just clean facts and cited sources debunking all the common health and weight lies. With pages dedicated to the prominent fatlogicians and why what they say is false. It would need to have a place to have discussions publicly (because no one person can know everything), only moderated to make sure people are polite and when they answer they provide reliable sources.

    I love /r/fatlogic, but it isn’t a good tool against those too deep.

    • >science and facts

      sorry buddy but this site isnt anymore “legit” than her site. still some person making claims from their computer. take it at face value.

    • She should totally keep doing them, any sort of exercise is good even if she does have a slow time! She should just stop lying and making excuses for withdrawing or a slow time.

    • First – Ragen has never run a marathon. She walked a 5k and walked a full marathon.

      She should absolutely keep doing them. But first, she needs to check her attitude and learn that the world doesn’t revolve around her. Keeping volunteers, four hours past the last finisher, with nobody on the course, is just bad manners. Screaming at volunteers because they didn’t have t-shirts big enough for her? Again, bad manners. The way she spoke to the volunteers in both instances was just rude, unacceptable and simply bad form.

      Once she learns that the world doesn’t revolve around her? By all means, go for it. Any exercise is good exercise. She will, however, need to stop with the ‘Elite Athlete’ crap. There is nothing elite about her athleticism. She is simply a very overweight person that has a lot of perseverance. Nothing more, nothing less.

      And quite frankly, she can cry fat hate and oppression all she wants. But if you read her blogs about the 5k and Seattle Marathon? You will see that nobody fat shamed her. She wasn’t oppressed and her rights weren’t taken away. She demanded things from people that were unrealistic and beyond their control.

  2. My daughter-in-law first told me about Ragen with a story about how Ragen said she had ridden her bicycle for one hour and covered 40 miles. My first comment was that it was a total lie. I raced bicycles at national level for years in England and NO-ONE ever rode 40 miles in one hour except on a track while being paced by a motor-cycle, or down a very long (I mean very long – 40 miles), fairly steep hill. The highly-trained, doped-up riders in the Tour de France and other races at the professional level do not ride at 40 miles per hour on the flat for any length of time. I don’t care that she is fat. Some are fat, some are not, and if she ever gets her head straight and actually does some of the things she claims she has done and will do, then more power to her. Right now it seems to me she is just a pathological liar who is obsessed with herself and thinks she is the centre of the Universe, like the similarly self-obsessed Kardashians. That is not an image anyone should strive for. As for her website, I would think she writes most of those blogs herself, in between her fantastic training sessions, of course. Incidentally, I just checked and the Hour Record, the longest distance ridden by a cyclist with no pacing or help, stands at 56.375 km., which figures out to be 35.031 miles, ridden by Chris Boardman a pro rider, from Liverpool, England, son of another lifelong racer, Keith Boardman, so there is quite a bike-racing history there. Ragen, with no speed experience on a bicycle at all, can do 40 miles in that same hour. Ladies and Gentlemen, I think we have a champion in the making who will put all cycling records on the shelf. I have told people in the past that if they are going to make a career out of being a liar, they will need to be a good one. I would imagine that Ragen would class herself as she does everything else she does, as an Elite liar. She just isn’t believable.

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