Guest blog: bike issues and Ragen. Goddamned Ragen.

Training update:

We are back in Tucson so today I wanted to get on the bike and at least get an hour in. I have an older Specialized Allez. In fact it’s so old, its built from carbon fiber tubes but kept together with aluminum lugs (basically, they hadn’t figured out all the amazing things they could do with carbon fiber yet and were still making them like steel/aluminum frames) but I do love that bike and I get attached to things. But sometimes it can be a maintenance nightmare, and fine tuning a bike is not something at which I’m gifted. To make a long story short, I rode to the end of our street and my rear derailer was “jumping.” Being close to home I tried to adjust it myself and made a little problem a big problem. Of course since I was poking around, I found other little things like frayed cables, non centered brakes and a my front wheel is just a hair out of true. We have a good little bike shop in the neighborhood that is primarily BMX focused they have a good tech who comes in once a week so I took the bike over and they are going to get it tuned up for me, hopefully back by Wednesday. But this took way more time than I had wanted and have some other stuff I need to get done after our trip (typing this on my laptop as I wait for a new ID). So today may be a bust. It’s why I have my make up day planned for Saturdays.

Ragen, oh Ragen.

Do me a favor and click Ragen’s latest ironfat update:

Pay particularly close attention to the part where it says “…after months of being in constant pain, of improving my times only incrementally…”

Now click this Ironfat from January 18th

specifically “...and the speed has increased 5 minutes per mile since I started training…

See that? In January she improved a whopping 5 minutes per mile (though she doesn’t say she’s talking about running, swimming is measured in meters or yards, cycling is typically measured in speed, not pace) but yesterday she said she’s had small incremental improvements over the past few months? Increasing a running pace 5 minutes per mile is a Herculean accomplishment. Very frankly I do not believe that she ever increased her per minute pace by 5 minutes, but even then is she so utterly delusional that she doesn’t realize she wrote two incredibly contradictory things in a span of just over two months?

Here’s the part that really gets me about today’s blog. It says NOTHING. It’s incredibly vague where it should be very specific (should say “I ran 5.5 miles in 1:16 minutes”) and oddly specific where it shouldn’t be, lending credence to all of Ragen’s detractors who insist and know that she has no idea what she’s talking about (“I felt great and I had shaved 54 seconds off my per mile pace.”). But the other thing that Ragen just can’t seem to get is how incredibly discouraging her writing is to the people who really need to hear motivating messages. Instead of just being honest and giving her readers something to go off of, something real, something truly inspiring, she spouts utter nonsense. When this is coupled with her “elite athlete” status, her readers are left to think “She’s so amazing, she’s improving her run pace faster that Usain Bolt ever could…but she’s elite…I could never do that…I better just keep on with my Netflix marathons.”

Ragen…you, your ego and your message cut people’s lives short. But I suppose that doesn’t bother you at all. If your delusion allows you to think that you improve run times by two minutes in two weeks, then I suppose your delusion allows you to be OK with one of your follower dying at 42 as opposed to 72.


5 thoughts on “Guest blog: bike issues and Ragen. Goddamned Ragen.

  1. **Full disclosure – deleted a comment by someone that called Ragen a derogatory name. Will we appreciate the support, this isn’t a hate blog. And it was a hateful comment. Carry on.

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