Starting something new…

Tracking Ragen’s Ironfat posts.  I’ll have to dig deep and go back to the beginning.  I am going to keep a tally about what she blogs about.  Right now, I see four categories:

  1. Being fat and a self proclaimed ‘elite athlete’ and oppression
  2. Blogs about how much she has improved.  With vague references to numbers that mean absolutely nothing.
  3. Actual stats.  As in – I ran 4 miles and my time was X.
  4. She says something so out of sync with anyone actually training for anything that we know she is flat out lying about this

Why?  Because this is the same person that has, for years, referred to herself as an ‘elite athlete’ and has even gone so far as to proclaim that she ‘builds type to muscle fibers really easy.’  All she ever does is scream about how ‘athletic’ she is.

Today, she says:

The thing I don’t understand is why it’s so important to people involved in athletics to be “better” than someone else.

Duh – if you are training for competitive sports, yes, you must be better.

But this is how I know Ragen isn’t training for anything.  Doing an IM isn’t about beating other people.  It’s about you.  Training is about you being better than yesterday.  And tomorrow, you are going to try to beat today’s times.  You are competing against yourself.  And if Ragen were actually training, she would understand this.


But this was kind of telling:

I’ve noticed that underneath a lot of the bravado of athletes lies a deep undercurrent of  insecurity.

Isn’t that Ragen in a nutshell?






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