Guest Blog: Training update and wow, did idiot Ragen piss me off.

Training update for last two days:

On the 18th I ran intervals on the trails at Bear Canyon dam in Albuq. Absolutely gorgeous day. The agreed upon interval between me and my urologist was hard to stick to because the runs seemed too short. Basically the run should have gone (:30+4:30)x7 plus cool. In reality I did about 1:30 runs and 3:30 walks and there was one downhill segment where I wasn’t paying attention and ran for about 3:30. There was no visible blood in my urine post run so that made me very happy. I took the day off swimming.

Today, the plan was a quick interval run at Piedra Lisa. Plan was (:30+1:30)x4. I hadn’t been to this trailhead since I was in college so I forgot how steep it was. I did all of my run segments, plus a bit extra but they were slow because of the incline so it really turned out to be a hike, which was fine and fun. I also swam 1000 meters mixed crawl and breaststroke. Swimming has been tough to get my head into it. The pool is a nice 25m lap pool but the gym I have access to attracts an older clientele, most of whom have zero notion of pool etiquette which can really sap my energy. I’m hoping when I get home to the pool on base, it will be a little bit easier. I also need to reactivate my account and start getting into actual drills and workouts.

On Ragen (and her insane notion that she is a “runner” and gets to tell other runners how they should motivate themselves).

Most days Ragen is like a mosquito, buzzing, perhaps biting, but ultimately non-consequential after a little salve is applied to the sting. The salve to Ragen’s sting is logic. She proves over and over and over again that she doesn’t have the faintest notion of a logical argument. Before reading on, I ask you to head over to Ragen’s blog and read yesterdays Ironfat update (don’t worry about her getting page views, her wordpress dashboard will show the exact number of people who click from this blog which has to drive her nuts).

Back? Did you make it all the way thorough? I didn’t the first time and had to go back and force myself to reread the entire blog because it is truly nauseating. Her first sentence is what did me in and got my blood boiling: “I spend plenty of time talking about my trials and tribulations as a runner.”

The owner of TruthaboutRagen has gone into great detail to prove (beyond any shadow of a doubt) that Ragen has ZERO verifiable credentials and very little claim to the accomplishments upon which she buoys her life.  It would stand up in any court that Ragen routinely lies and misrepresents everything in her life from what she eats for breakfast to the value of the companies she has successfully “turned around.” Most of the time this doesn’t matter and it doesn’t affect me. Somewhat conversely, Ragen is “successful” because she is so ridiculously obscure. Her claims only cause a minor spark of inflammation in the small corner of the internet that actually pays attention to her. But today’s Ironfat is different. Today she loaded her cannons and took aim square at…me.

In the past five years I have run a grand total of just over 3412.2 miles (that’s exact and that includes today–and that total pales in comparison to some of my more serious running friends). I have run races, I have run for fun, I have run to lose weight, I run with my rescue dog, I have run on treadmills, I have run to avoid mortar fire,  I have run on the sand dunes in the Qatari desert and on the beaches in San Diego. I am a runner. I love it. Some days are easier than others but at the end of every single on those strung together miles, I always look back and say “I’m happy I did that.” When someone who can be quoted on the internet (over a span of 13 years mind you) over and over and over how much she hates the activity that I love, that person loses the right to be taken seriously with their assessments of other peoples running regimen, and yes even other peoples motivators. And you couple that to the F-A-C-T that on N-O occasion has Ragen ever once proven that she’s taken any steps in sequence to actually be running, then by pure objective fact, she is not a “runner.” Much has been made of her 12+ hour marathon, during which she could not possibly have run for any sustained period. I think even more telling however her appearance in a 5K event in LA. It’s the only other time she has ever documented any sort of reasonable evidence that she “ran.” She “ran” a 5K in 1:09. This time is so absurd, it is actually hard for me to conceptualize. During my first 5K cross country race in middle school, I was severely dehydrated from the flu, it was a 95+ degree day and I had at least 100deg fever. I had actually shit and piss myself mid course and could hardly stand up because the messages my brain was sending to my legs were just not being interpreted. I crawled across the finish line with shit streaming down my left leg at about 31 minutes. Yes, Ragen, after experiences like that, I am 100% allowed to determine who I think can wear the mantle of “runner.” You do not fit the bill, sorry, not sorry.

So Ragen assumes just because she wants to, she can prop herself up as a runner and then use that pedestal to shout commandments down at those who don’t do what she likes. Fair enough, I am now a Fat Activist and Body Positivity advocate.  However, my version of Fat Activism states that you cannot be healthy and fat, and studies (like the one conducted by Matheson et. al.) almost always show that “the natural course of even healthy obesity is metabolic deterioration.” Body Positivity…sure you can be positive about your body but don’t expect anyone else to be positive about your body unless you fit into a pretty well defined set of parameters. I choose BMI to define my parameters…

There is one other thing to point about yesterday’s Ironfat blog.  Ragen has this incredibly immature sounding rule that she created called “The Underpants Rule.” Here’s a description from her own blog:

The tl:dr of this rule is that a person is only allowed to concern themselves with what happens in their own underpants. Fine. The age old golden rule with a new name that will make slow witted people laugh. Go Ragen!

But what is truly clear from the Ironfat blog is that Ragen either doesn’t understand her own “Underpants Rule” or she absolves herself from following the rule that she expects and insists the rest of the world abide by.  The entire Ironfat blog from March 18th (as well as many other instances on either of her blogs) is chock full of violations of her own rule. If someone chooses to motivate themselves by making social media posts of “lapping a person on a couch” or running to become healthier, or running to be competitive…how in the blue hell does Ragen’s underpants rule not apply in these instances as well? For those of you who are Ragen fans who’ve come here to report back to her (or Ragen, if you read this yourself) please take note of this: Ragen is either so unintelligent or so hypocritical  that she doesn’t understand or doesn’t feel the need to follow the “rule” that she created. Please let that sink in.

Take care, and if anyone is actually following this, I promise to get to my multi-sport history.  


6 thoughts on “Guest Blog: Training update and wow, did idiot Ragen piss me off.

  1. I love that in a single minor update you gave us more information about your training than everything Ragen has posted in the last six months.

  2. I have been stuck for a while running/walking in intervals myself. Was hit-and-run on my bicycle almost two years ago and broke both bones in my lower right leg (open fractures, both bones poking out), as well as breaking 6 vertebrae and 5 ribs, and separating both shoulders. My right tibia is still in two pieces and pinned to a titanium rod, and my fibula they tell me they don’t fix unless it’s broken closer down by the ankle. My running gait still isn’t right (may never be), so I run in very slowly increasing intervals (right now it’s run about 1/2 mile, walk about 1/2 mile). I’m not very fast. I bicycle 3.6 miles to work every day, and I lift a few days a week. I try to get in a longer ride or two (25+ miles) on the weekends.

    This isn’t meant to be woe-is-me stuff: I love getting on my bike or running/walking outside, and I’m still so goddamn happy to be alive and outside a hospital room that I can’t complain. Just wanted to say I understand the frustration of having to rein one’s self in, and I share your contempt for Ragen’s complete and willful ignorance of what it means to push one’s self athletically. I have not so good days where I limp around in the evening from pushing myself. You may laugh, but I actually have running dreams sometimes where I feel like I’m flying and I wake up crushed at my real condition. Regardless, the pain at the end of the day is a joyful and well-earned hurt; it comes from being spent at efforts to improve. It’s sad and infuriating that Ragen and her crowd make so many deliberate choices to NOT improve, and worse that she feels she can speak to what should or shouldn’t motivate other folks.

    Anyway, I ramble. Keep up the good work. Here’s some solidarity from Omaha

    Much peace,

  3. I was 10 when I “ran” my first 5k. I finished in under 30 minutes. It was the farthest I’d ever run in my life. I entered only because my father was doing the 10k and I thought, Why not? I was completely shocked by a 3rd place prize in my division–ONLY because almost no one my age (under 12) ran, frankly. If I’d had any idea of how long it was or that I could have placed at all, I would have tried a lot harder.

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