Oh what tangled webs we weave…

So Ragen is a keynote speaker at a weight stigma conference in Iceland. Check out the page and read her bio because I am going to break it down for you.

“Ragen Chastain is a world-renowned size-acceptance activist.”
This is a little subjective.  But I would hardly call her ‘world-renowned.’ She hasn’t had received any mainstream press in over two years.  

“She authors the blog Dances With Fat, which received one and a half million views in 2014.”
This is a prime example of how Ragen massages the truth.  I am not disputing that her blog received over 1.5 million views in 2014.  But what she is not telling you is that these are page views – NOT unique visitors.  She skews this even further because 80% of the links in her blog just link back to her old posts.  I wrote about her blog claims here.

and is the body image and health blogger for NBC’s iVillage
iVillage doesn’t even exist anymore.  It was merged with today.com in 2013.  The most recent article I could find from her was from ivillage.ca in 12/14.  There are some older links on the NBC Today site but the most recent I could find was from 2013.

she is a columnist for Ms Fit magazine
Most recent post was 12/2013.

She has been instrumental in a number of major activism campaigns, including The Georgia Billboard Project, which raised over $20,000 in eight days and put up six billboards and ten bus shelter ads in Atlanta, Georgia
I’ll give her the bus campaign because she did pull that off.   But I’ve documented her other fundraising.  None of which led to anything but her taking money from people and not delivering.  For example, The Paper Mache Project and The History of Fat Activism.

Has completed a marathon
Technically true.  But a 13 hour marathon is nothing to write home about. Even more concerning is her total lack of regard for the volunteers that waited around for 4 hours after the last person finished. And to put this in the proper context… the woman that finished four hours before her?  Phyllis Church from Alaska.  She is 77.  Yup – Ragen Chastain, self proclaimed ‘Elite Athlete’ finished walking a marathon FOUR hours after a 77 year old woman.


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