My first guest blog. The road to Tempe Ironman 70.3.

Intro (thanks for the blog space!):

Last week Ragen created quite a stir on Reddit when she announced that she had registered for the Tempe Ironman 70.3 (still more popularly known as the Half-Ironman  or HIM…perhaps later I can get into my thoughts on the name change at a later date).  Her associated blog on the subject made a huge deal of her registration process. She wanted to make it sound like registration opened at exactly 9AM-+ and she was forced to click furiously until she was actually allowed to register. Check out the screen cap here for yourself ( As usual with Ragen I didn’t quite get her point.  Just a little bit of research would have shown that the HIMs rarely sell out. So I’m not sure if she was super eager, fearful that she would be not be allowed to register because of her infamy, scared that it would sell out, etc…  As is so easy to do with almost every claim Ragen makes, I simply set out to prove that once again, she was full of it so I went to the webpage. The registration for Tempe 70.3 was open, accessible and easy.

But as I looked the registration page, I made a snap decision and plopped down my roughly $500 and registered myself. A bit of background on me, I am 41 and last year I retired from the Air Force. My wife has a pretty great job so I have taken the last year to be a stay at home dad and make up a tremendous amount of time that I lost with my two younger kids.  It is certainly not without its challenges and having gone from literally ducking Taliban rocket fire about once a year to grocery store trips, tons of driving to sports events and seemingly never-ending laundry, my life has gotten a little dull. This HIM presents a perfect opportunity to set some goals and get back to a modicum of excitement in my life. While Ragen may have provided that initial spark for the first click, in no way am I doing this to show her up, certainly not one of the people she claims are participating to “drown her” (a claim she has made several times that I 100% do not believe) and not doing this to embarrass her in any way. In fact there is a part of me that is rooting for her and hopes that she finishes and that she finishes in good health.

Since Ragen will absolutely read this, or this will be reported back to her,  and since she has focused on the supposed claims of harm coming her way, I want to be very clear;  I am not doing this race with Ragen in mind at all. In no way do I plan touching, blocking or harming her in any way. I’ll get into my motivations in a later blog (obviously I’m verbose enough) but they have nothing to do with Ragen Chastain.   So why blog about this on an “anti-Ragen” site? Mostly because the mod is a friend of mine and it seemed as good a place as any. And should comparisons come up about our respective training regimens, here is a great place to discuss them.

Training Goals:

Before I go on forever, I want to get into my training plan and goals for the race. At  first I am going to do mostly self coaching but being open to hiring a professional if I’m not progressing fast enough. My brother in law was a semi-pro and on the Marine Corps triathlon team so he’s a resource I’m very lucky to have. I had multiple kidney stones in late January which really sidelined my standard exercise regimen (mostly running) so I feel I do have some catching up to do.  This is a rough schedule and I will get into the specifics as I figure them out.

Monday- Swim AM/ Run PM. Core and TP Massage before bed.

Tuesday- Bike AM/Run PM.  Very light strength and TP Massage.

Wednesday- Bike AM/Swim PM. TP Massage before bed.

Thursday- Swim AM/ Run PM. Core and TP Massage before bed.

Friday- Bike AM/Run PM.  Very light strength and TP Massage.

Saturday- Bike AM/Swim PM. TP Massage before bed.

Sunday- “light” make up day on any missed workouts. Hike or bike with family.

My goals for race day:

These are based on my current level of fitness and past participation in triathlons and distance events with what I feel is a pretty conservative pad.

Swim – 50 minutes (by far my weakest event.  I’m a decent swimmer but this is a total guess. My last distance swim was on the fly at a lake in Oklahoma with my semi-pro triathlete brother in law. We did roughly 1.25 miles in 1:15 mixing strokes)

Bike- 3 hours (this is being conservative but based on my last stand alone century finish at about 5:45 which  included stopping at every aid station. This is taking into consideration the inevitable  problems I also seem to have on the bike; flats, shoes, running something over, etc…)

Run- 2 Hours (My last distance run was a solo ~14 miler in Germany when I was coming home from a deployment. According to my Garmin I did 13.98 in 2:05).

Transition times: totally unknown at this point but I’ll work on them. The last multi-sport event I did was a short duathlon in Qatar and they did not separate out the T-time from overall time but it seemed that the swim-run transition was pretty darn quick. However, because I do not plan on competing for any age group honors, I see no shame in catching some wind in the transitions.

My overall goal time is 6 hours so obviously I need to make up some time from my goals in one of the disciplines.  As I start to get into this I’ll reassess and see where I can make up some time.

Next time…my “history” as a multi sport athlete and the temper tantrum that made me quit…


One thought on “My first guest blog. The road to Tempe Ironman 70.3.

  1. Is there anything that she doesn’t lie about? Half IM’s rarely sell out day of. Registration is generally open for months and they sell out maybe a month or so before the event.

    Leave to Ragen to blog about yet another made up obstacle that she overcame.

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