Ragen’s latest post on her Ironman blog…

Was an ‘Ask Me Anything.’  Yup – she copied this from Reddit.  The very same Reddit that she claims is full of ‘haters.’  And somehow managed to spectacularly bastardize it.

She manages to invite questions and shut down free speech at the same time.

Sure, you can ask her anything in the comments.  As long as it compliments her. Otherwise, she won’t approve your comment.  And you end up in moderation purgatory.

Obama did an AMA.  Bill Nye.  Neil Tyson DeGrasse.  Bill Gates.  Snoop Dog.  Bill Murray.  Brooks Brown.  Ken Jennings.  Shit – even Watson did an AMA.  I can go on and on.  The entire point of Reddit and the AMA is that nothing is off limits.  Ask me anything literally means ask me anything.

Of course, there was Woody and Rampart.  Morgan Freeman and his (former?) publicist.  Ann Coulter came out swinging.  And failed.  Rachel Maddow tried.  And ran.

Way to go Ragen.  Say you are doing an AMA.  Invite people to interact with you. Steal the concept from a website full of the very people you call ‘haters’.

Even worse, a website that advocates, at its very core, free speech.  Then do your best to censor any speech that doesn’t agree with you.


7 thoughts on “Ragen’s latest post on her Ironman blog…

  1. Obama’s AMA was canned as hell and he only took a few questions that weren’t softballs, they were wiffle balls. But people were still given the opportunity to ask.

    Other people’s questions went up on the site and other people could discuss them and speculate about why Obama didn’t answer them.

  2. I would like to know her hard numbers, i.e. how far she runs; how much time it takes; and the same thing for biking. In just about any triathlon training blog, such a question would be completely reasonable regardless of whether there were an “ask me anything.” But I think such a question would make Ragen feel uncomfortable. Therefore it would probably be seen as a troll question and deleted.

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