This one is just too easy….

Today, Ragen vomited a bunch of words that didn’t make any sense.  I think she was trying to say that thin people make ‘clubs’ that exclude fat people.  And we do this because of low self esteem.  So bashing fat people makes us feel better?

For example, according to Ragen, you can’t be part of the ‘beautiful club’ unless you are thin.  I simply don’t see the logic here.  I am thin.  Some people think I am attractive.  Some don’t.  Big shit.  You don’t see me crying in a corner, claiming to be persecuted because someone doesn’t think I am ‘beautiful.’

Ragen cited several examples like the one above.  Just her way of trying to broaden the scope of the post.  Because she is clearly pissed about one thing…  someone questioned whether or not she is an athlete.

Full disclosure, I am not an elite trained researcher.  But if you look at the results from the 2013 Seattle Marathon, you will see that Ragen was second to last.  Her friend was dead last.  Want to know who was third to last?

Phyllis Church, a 75+ year old woman, that walked it and finished four fucking hours before Ragen.

I am going to go out on a limb here and say that if someone in their 70’s can walk a marathon four hours faster than you, you are not an athlete.  Correct me if I am wrong.

But what Ragen still doesn’t get is that nobody cares.  People are too wrapped up in their own worlds to even give her a second glance.  Except for the fat shaming doctors and airlines – but that is my next post.

Keep on being you – Ragen.  You make this too easy.  And don’t forget to sign up for the Austin Half.  I checked.  Your name is still not on the list of participants.



2 thoughts on “This one is just too easy….

  1. Ragen is the slowest finisher in the history of the Seattle Marathon; she took two hours longer than anyone in the previous decade, including an 82 year old man and a physically disabled woman.

  2. Ragen is an elite athlete. Have you ever run a marathon? Just because you could beat her time without training doesn’t mean she’s not elite. Just because a 75 year old beats her doesn’t mean she’s not elite.

    Elite means obese right?

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