A short quiz for Ragen…

Do you ever think about the shit you blog?   And, maybe, as a self proclaimed trained researcher, actually research the shit that you are blogging about?   Since critical thinking seems to be an issue for you, I’ll make this multiple choice – just pick one.

a)  never
b)  nope
c)  not sure
d)  huh???
e)  someone claimed they were fat shamed and I ran with it

Ding. Ding. Ding.  We have a winner.  The answer is E.

Which leads me to the latest shit she is blogging about.  Forgive me for the lame segue.  I had a fight with a chicken meatball and kale soup slow cooker recipe.  Too early to call it but I am pretty sure I lost. BUT – if you need a linguine and white clam sauce recipe, I might have just the thing.  Provided you want to substitute ground chicken for the clams.  Yup – it was that kind of night.

So anyway – back to Ragen and her latest blog.  A mother in Florida (really Florida??  Will you ever get your shit together?)  claims that her six year old daughter was fat shamed because the school sent home a letter that said:

“Your child … recently completed a HEIGHT WEIGHT SCREENING.  From the results of this test, it is suggested that your child’s health be examined by a physician particularly as it relates to the problems suggested by the screening.

If a problem such as this goes uncorrected or untreated, it can severely affect both the health and academic performance of your child.

Please request the examining physician to complete this form. When your child has completed his/her examination, please return this referral to the school nurse…”

And according to the mother, the child read the letter and immediately asked,  “Do they think I’m fat? Is there something wrong with me?”

Anyone here know of a six year old that would infer that she was fat from that word vomit?  Me neither. The kid couldn’t even read the first sentence in that letter.  Six year old girls care about three things.  Austin and Ally, Jessie and Liv & Maddie.  But mostly Austin because he is just so dreamy.

Don’t take my word for it.  Just watch the interview with the dipshit mother for yourself.  Because nothing says you are a parent protecting your kid more than putting your kid on the local news.

I still can’t decide if Ragen is really this dumb.  Or if her readers are and she is just smart enough to know how to con people.  Tough call.


One thought on “A short quiz for Ragen…

  1. Not only that, but the daughter doesn’t even have an overweight BMI. It was either a clerical error or a minor difference in weight measurement that automatically triggered a letter home. Even if she were “overweight” the only recommendation is to focus on a few health lifestyle habits and monitor BMI percentile on a yearly basis to ensure it doesn’t keep increasing. That is the whole point of these screening programs, not fucking fat shaming.

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