Another day, another bullshit post about Ragen’s Ironman training…

I will be the first person to admit that I don’t know shit.  So maybe she is actually training as much as she says she is and maybe she is actually hitting the milestones she claims.   And if she is doing it, good for her.

But I do know that registration for Austin opened a month and a half ago.  Ragen has yet to sign up.   We know that she pulled out of the LA Marathon, claiming that they changed the course time.  They didn’t.

At this point, it is just a waiting game.  But this is the same person who has known for over 10 years that her weight is holding her back.  And after she “broke up” with her first partner, her weight was a major issue in finding another partner.   But she deflected breaking up with her first dance partner and subsequently blogged that he was a ‘stuck up, ivy league educated Jewish boy and all.  Yes, I know I keep blogging about that remark.  But seriously – who the fuck talks like that?  What is next?  Her alignment with the Klan?  I am not even Jewish but I find that comment so downright obnoxious and offensive.

Then it dawned on me.  Ragen likes to pretend that she is sophisticated and worldly.  But the truth is, Ragen is just a white trash hick from a shitty backwater town in Montana.  “Jewish boy and all.”  It boggles my mind that she finds that acceptable to write in a blog.

Then again, this is the same person who brags about being sold ‘for air conditioners’ in Mali but also blogs that ‘aliens can have Mali because it’s probably better than what they have now.”

Again, white trash hick.


5 thoughts on “Another day, another bullshit post about Ragen’s Ironman training…

  1. A neutral but curious party, here.
    OK in the spirit of giving thought to both sides in regards to what is known:
    Yes, the anti-Semitic comment is a rude thing to say- no way around that.
    At other times she seems to try to be P.C. and thoughtful, though. What do you make of the fact she acknowledged People of Color are treated much more harshly (than she was by the police when she reported her bicycle stolen?) I would be surprised to learn she was seemingly minimizing what happened to her if I was under the assumption she likes to be hero and victim. She also indicated she didn’t think the police’s alleged treatment of her was weight related.
    What would she have to gain from lying/exaggerating about the bike scenario?
    Also I tried to look at her Live Journal account to see it but it seems she has deleted everything.


    • What does she gain from any of the lying/exaggerating she does? The common theme you see when you actually fact check her claims it that almost every single public detail about her life is wildly exaggerated in one way or another. You can chart the history of her failed academics, numerous failed business (I count at least 12 defunct or non-operating registered businesses in 14 years), her weight completely shattering her dancing ambitions, and so on. Eventually she found HAES and FA and managed to monetize it with yet another failed business (Sized For Success). A couple years later she realized she could make more money being a professional blogger. Her entire income and lifestyle depends on her readers being fat and staying fat, and her authority is predicated on her “trained researcher” and “elite fat athlete” status.

      She will change her opinions and on the drop of a dime if it means some form of easy success. She constantly talks about doing stuff just to be acknowledged as a success. In 2009 she had no problem saying fat people should pay for two airlines seats, but a couple years later she was outraged about it. Old Ragen didn’t have any problem cracking jokes about Malians or Jewish boys, but new Ragen is a social justice warrior because there’s a big overlap between FA/HAES and other social justice causes like gay rights.

      Here’s a selection of some of the stuff she posted on her old blogs. She removed everything as soon as she realized it was under public scrutiny because it doesn’t fit her current carefully cultivated personality.

      • In the end, she is going to turn the IM into another crowdfund. She has at least three public crowdfunds and one that was done privately. Just like the ‘diet industry’ that she slams, Ragen is profiting from obesity. She doesn’t have a job. Her sole source of income depends on making sure that overweight people remain persecuted and overweight. She succeeds when people give up.

        Judging from her weight gain over the last few years, HAES is not doing her any favors. By her own admission, her weight has held her back from achieving certain things. So instead of fixing the issue, she lowered her standards.

  2. When your partner is much better than you in dance, you get ditched.

    When you’re delusional about your own talent, you can’t find a replacement.

  3. To put this in perspective…I got ditched…by the GUY I MARRIED. LOL. He was just better than me in his preferred style. It isn’t because he’s a jerk. It’s because he loves it and deserves a partner good enough for him. I have nothing in the world bad to say about being dropped. In fact, I was expecting it when we moved to an area with a pool of better dancers.

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