Bike Jail? Seriously???

Here is the link to her blog or use Imgur for a mirror…

Let me preface this by saying that I am sorry that someone had to die before Ragen could get a bicycle.  That really sucks for his family. But leave it to Ragen to talk about it as if it were an accomplishment.  Talking about how great her friends are.  Am I the only one that noticed that she never, ever expressed any sympathy for her friend?  Or expressed any sorrow over his death?  She really is a self centered piece of shit.

And how fucking dumb does she think we are?  Because according to Ragen, her bike warranted the attention of four police officers, a sergeant and a detective.  As if they gave two shits about her fucking bicycle.   Basic economics tell me that they wouldn’t waste the man hours of four police officers, a sergeant and a detective for her shitty used bicycle.  Common sense tells me that they have better things to do.  Come on Ragen.  You have to do better than this.

Further, she claims it was stolen from her backyard.  But anyone with a little ‘trained research’ can google and see that she doesn’t even fucking have a backyard.   She is so full of shit that it isn’t even funny.

But, no worries, I will get to the bottom of this.  When I spoke with the Long Beach Police Department, I learned that police/incident reports are public record.  Freedom of Information Act.  All it takes is a written request and $20.  Done.   The request and check is in tomorrow’s mail.

And I will say that the person I spoke with at the Long Beach PD was kind of pissed when I told her that I was a blogger trying to verify Ragen’s story.  Not because of me.  But because of what she blogged.  Needless to say, the Long Beach Police Dept. is not her biggest fan.

And just for fun, I sent a link to her blog post to the Long Beach Mayors office.  Asking why they are so blatantly wasting taxpayers money and four detectives on a $100 used piece of shit bicycle.    Still waiting a response.   But will post as soon as I hear from them.  Don’t hold your breath.


12 thoughts on “Bike Jail? Seriously???

  1. Her story doesn’t sound very believable to me. And I doubt that anyone actually died. My guess is that she bought the bike from some Craigslist scammer who was actually a fence; then the police went around collecting all the stuff that had been sold; and 60 days later she got the bike back when the actual owner failed to claim it. I guess that she made up this story because she doesn’t want to admit that she fell for a Craigslist scam or that she basically received stolen property.

    This is all just speculation on my part of course.

    • Long Beach actually has a bit of a problem with stolen bicycles. At least they did in ’10-’11. Nothing recent on current bicycle theft in the area. But she fucked up her story when she said it was stolen from her backyard – because she doesn’t have one.

      • “But she fucked up her story when she said it was stolen from her backyard ”

        Actually that’s not quite what she said. She seems to be saying that the thief was caught in her back yard with her bicycle. She doesn’t say where she had left the bike or where the thief was fleeing from. Had he broken into her residence? Apparently not, since she doesn’t mention a break-in or anything like jewelry or cash having been stolen. Also, was the thief on foot when he was chased into her back yard? Presumably, since it doesn’t make sense for him to have stolen her bicycle and then biked back to her back yard. Ok, so assuming that the police chased this thief into her back yard and caught him there with her bicycle which also happened to be there, why would they confiscate it? That makes no sense. The story as a whole doesn’t make sense to me.

    • Plausible but because she teased the bike jail story the day after the Grand Jury decided not to indict Wilson and the Ferguson riots were all over the news? I am pretty sure she was using this as a talking point. And because she followed up with a post about how she can sympathize with “People of Color” (her words not mine) I think she is completely full of shit. She is too fucking obvious.

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