Ragen Chastain, the Anti-Semite

Ragen started dancing with “Nony” sometime in 2003 (maybe 2004).  They were both amateurs and spent two years competing as partners.  And they seem to have done pretty well together.  They mutually decided to stop dancing together.  Initially, she wrote that their friendship would become stronger without having the pressure of competing together.  I’ve read his LJ – he never said anything bad about her.  And, in fact, he talked very highly of her.  But he must have done something to piss her off because in relating a story about him, she writes:

I could totally see it. … Ivy League educated Jewish boy and all.

Her words – not mine.  Direct link to this post here.

Jewish boy and all

Fuck her.


2 thoughts on “Ragen Chastain, the Anti-Semite

  1. When your brain is so clogged up with fat of course you go to the lowest of the low. Jews are fucking great, Ragen looks like a pile of mouldy cream cheese.

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