Ragen Chastain and the stupid air conditioner story again – this time with history…

We found Ragen’s LiveJournal which documented her life from 2002-2009.  Back in 2004, Ragen posted this to her LiveJournal:

5) If you had to give one country to the aliens to save the rest of the world what country would you choose, and why?

Mali, West Africa. My mom was there a couple of years ago with the Peace Corps and being with the aliens can’t be any worse than what they’ve got now.

Screenshot here.

Now that it fits her narrative, her mom selling her in Mali is an anecdote for her.  And she claims:

As a fat woman I know that my potential partners live in a culture that tells them that no amount of achievement, education, personality, flexibility etc. can overcome the supposed sin of having a large body, a culture that suggests that you can tell by looking at me that I am lazy and weak-willed and unhealthy.  I also know that this standard is arbitrary since when my mom was in Mali, West Africa with the Peace Corps she received marriage proposals for me almost every day, and men promised her everything in the world to try to convince her that I should marry them. Were I born in another time or place, I would be the standard of beauty.

The internet never forgets.  And it never goes away.

5 thoughts on “Ragen Chastain and the stupid air conditioner story again – this time with history…

  1. As I read this, tts another classic case of Ragen stretching the truth. In recent tellins of the story she purposefly made it read that that she and her mom traveled to Mali, whereupon a local was starstruck and offered her an air conditioner in exchange for the young lass’ hand.

    What I get from this telling is that her mom did peace corps work (maybe, but from the family of crooked vacuum salesmen, sons that were drafted into baseball without being mentioned by a team and trained researches…who knows) and showed a picture of lovely young Ragen. Whoever she showed the picture to said “1 air conditioner” and Ragen’s run with the story ever since.

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