I don’t hate Ragen…

But fuck, it’s becoming harder and harder…

Somewhere, in her mess of a blog, there is a video/written dialogue of a conversation she had with a doctor.  Who ‘fat shamed’ her.  And she said (her words)  “Antibiotics NOW.”  And she claims that the doctor gave her the antibiotics.

Why do people believe this?  Unless she was in a back alley in Mexico, the minute she said  ‘antibiotics NOW’ to a doctor in the US?  She would have been escorted out of the building.  It’s a lawsuit waiting to happen based on her story.

But we are to believe that Ragen refused to be weighed.  Told a doctor “antibiotics NOW’  And he threw away four years of college, medical school and a residency to give her antibiotics?  That just didn’t happen.

I don’t care how skinny/fat you are.  A doctor can’t prescribe any medication without knowing your weight.  Higher weights need more meds.  Lower weights need less meds.

But this is Ragen ‘doing activism.’

Then she goes on to brag about how nasty she was to all of the volunteers at the 5k she participated in and that poor woman in the sag car from the Seattle Marathon.

Who acts like that?  Even worse, why would you brag about it?  I would hang my head in shame. But not Ragen. She blogs about tormenting these people.  Like it is a fucking badge of honor.

Keep on doing your ‘activism’ Ragen.  Keep showing the world how truly unlikeable you are.  It has nothing to do with your weight.  It is because you are a nasty, self entitled, asshole.


5 thoughts on “I don’t hate Ragen…

  1. You make fun of Ragen for being a trained researcher but her credentials seem to be just as valid as the writer or this blog. You have the right to refuse any treatment you want at the doctors office, as well as the doctors have the right to refuse any treatment they cannot justify, however you forget that MD’s now are also accountable to reviews and ratings. The truth is there are lots of doctors who write antibiotics for flu like symptoms. Why write antibiotics for a virus? (in case you don’t know antibiotics work in several ways primarily attacking the cell wall, but since a virus is not cellular they are not effected by antibiotics) Well sadly primary care physicians have about 15 minutes to spend with a patient, the longer you argue the more it delays getting to your other patients, The more you argue the more likely you are to get a bad review and possibly even have some annoying ass law suit filed because someone thinks you mismanaged their care, most of that is dealt with by lawyers once a claim is filed, but it can all be avoided just by giving the patient a script of something that is unlikely to harm them. A simple common antibiotic is cheap and effective way of saying “here, now shut up” sometimes. It’s a reality of the world we live in. The out patient antibiotics are not weight based. Here you go http://reference.medscape.com/drug/cipro-xr-ciprofloxacin-342530 maybe a little more training in research will help your case. That’s for Cipro, a very commonly used antibiotic, notice again not weight based for adults. Most PO (orally taken drugs) are not weight based because absorption is different, a lot is expected to not even enter the blood stream, but really it depends on the drug.

    • You most certainly proved a point. For those that are pro punctuation, capitalization and paragraphs. And you certainly provided a solid example for those that are anti run-on sentences. So, thanks???

    • Are you stupid? There are plenty of reasons for doctors to NOT just give out antibiotics willy-nilly. They used to do that before they realized they were helping create ‘superbugs’, or antiobiotic-resistant bacteria. So no, you shouldn’t just tell a fucking MD what they should prescribe you.

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