High knees and walking squats and broad jumps. Oh my..

I will admit that I had no clue what she was talking about on her last Ironfat post.  The one when she said she was doing all of this crap in the middle of the night in front of her house.  So, trained researcher that I am, I googled.  And this is what I found…

high knees
walking squats
broad jumps
running sprints.

If you ate your bowl of ‘no shit sherlock flakes’ this morning, please keep reading.  But if not, thanks for stopping by.  Before you go, please check out this video about how BMI is completely wrong.

Still here?  Watch this.   No way in hell she is doing the aforementioned exercise routine at her weight.  Or IMAZ.  The chafing alone would give me nightmares.

On a more positive note – my favorite IM videos…

The Hoyts

The Crawl




2 thoughts on “High knees and walking squats and broad jumps. Oh my..

  1. I’m pretty fascinated by the train wreck that is Ragen’s IM attempt. I completed two of them in 07 and 08 overweight, and I was in my 40s and only 160 lbs., after losing 40 lbs., the first one I barely finished–I wAs the last official finisher. The second one was slightly better; I trained climbing hills on the bike at an altitude of 6000 feet. Which reminds me, IMAZ is not at sea level. The bike has several cutoff points, and you are dragging ass snd flat out, and don’t make the cutoff, you will NOT be allowed to continue. I know this because I was pulled off the course in my attemp to do a third. They will pull your chip, and if it looks unsafe, send someone out to pull you off the course. You agree to that when you sign up.

  2. I’m morbidly obese and woefully out of shape right now (though I’ve been more fit in the past.) 5 feet and about 220 pounds, female, with a great big gut. Let’s try these exercises!

    High knees: My gut is obviously in the way, which keeps my knees from going very high. That adds resistance which makes it a better exercise, but it feels really weird. I look like I’m just running in place: the knee lift isn’t obvious in the mirror.

    Walking squats: This one is pretty easy for a fat person to do, actually. However, it’s harder to get the form right if you’re carrying a lot of fat in your front or back, and unless you have very strong legs it’s probably rough on the knees.

    Broad jumps: I can do this, but I can’t jump very far and I look really stupid. I looked just as stupid when I did this as an underweight 9-year-old during elementary school track and field day, though. Maybe Ragen can jump better with her dance background. Again, any jumping is rough on the knees and ankles.

    Sprints: Conceivable, but is that really useful training for a distance event? After watching that video, mostly I’m concerned about her pants staying up. Man, I’ve been there.

    I think the thing Ragen doesn’t realize is that it’s okay to live your life as a fat person without being THE BEST AT EVERYTHING.

    It’s okay to be a small business owner without referring to yourself as a CEO.

    It’s okay to work hard on your dancing and win some small local contests. Or to enter contests and not win. Dance is about an activity that you enjoy and not about having bragging rights to strangers…right?

    It’s okay to do a couch to 5K program instead of taking half a day to finish a marathon so you can say you were in a marathon.

    It’s okay to work your way up to progressively longer races, then to being able to run more of each race you do and walk less, instead of setting an arbitrary date that you’ll be ready for a full triathalon.

    It’s okay to know how to search PubMed without making up nonsense about being a “trained researcher.” Everyone’s Psych 101 class had a day in the library where someone taught them how to use databases.

    Most importantly, since if she continues training this WILL come up, it’s okay to lose weight in the process of training really hard for an athletic event. It doesn’t mean you’re surrendering to trolls or abandoning the ideals of fat acceptance; it means you’re training for an athletic event. Carrying a lot of excess fat will make that event hell, and she will get pulled from the race.

    Self-aggrandizing and exaggerating one’s accomplishments doesn’t make fat people look better. It makes us look weak and lazy. I was involved in fat acceptance and cynical about the wackier fringes before Ragen became a “thought leader.” Her take on things drove me out of the movement even before I learned the extent to which she embellishes her accomplishments. Her take on fat acceptance makes reasonable people distance themselves from the movement. HAES once actually made sense and has been twisted into a laughingstock.

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