Response to ‘someone’…

On the last post, ‘Someone’ defended Ragen.  I hope they stick around to see this rebuttal.  Dissenting views are always welcome.  And I will be the first to admit that I am not expert.  Nor do I claim to be.  But I do have common sense.  Anyway…

‘Someone’ commented on the last post and said:

“Even if I could be skinny Ragens (sic) blog is still full of motivation to try and attain goals that seem out of reach because society doesn’t want us to accomplish them ….  Life doesn’t suck being overweight until I constantly have to be shamed by others.”

This really stood out to me because this perfectly exemplifies the victim mentality that Ragen perpetuates.    ‘Someone’ feels that society wants them to fail?   Come on.  Everybody knows that nobody cares.  People are too wrapped up in their own lives.    Get over yourself.

‘Someone’ is happy with being overweight until people ‘shame’ them?   Nope.  Sure, there are people that ‘shame’ you for your weight.  They are also called assholes.  Everyone deals with assholes.  Assholes find your weakness and use that against you.  Most people can recognize assholes and just brush it off.   Not you.  You let them shame you.  Why?

If Ragen’s blog were truly motivating and empowering, ‘Someone’ wouldn’t have bothered to comment on this stupid blog that barely gets any traffic.  It wouldn’t be worth the argument.

‘Someone’ needs start doing a little research.  ‘Someone’ needs to look at Ragen’s sources.   And ‘Someone’ needs to learn about critical thinking.  And start thinking for themselves.




One thought on “Response to ‘someone’…

  1. It makes me feel warm inside that people see this blog right up there beside Ragen’s blog and Twitter when they search for her name on Google.

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