What is the difference???

Am I the only one that notices that Ragen’s blogs are fucking depressing?   There is never anything positive or happy.  Day in and day out it is just one more post about how much your life sucks because you are overweight.  How you are oppressed.  And how society is bringing you down.  You are suffering as a fat person.  The only time she talks about anything positive is in relation to herself.

Here is the kicker…  just like the diet industry, Ragen has a vested interest in the weight of her ‘customers’.   In Ragen’s case, her ‘customers’ are her blog followers.  She does not have a job.  In fact, her entire career revolves around blogging and speaking to an overweight audience.  It is in Ragen’s best interest to convince her readers that it is okay to be overweight.

So answer this…  how is Ragen any different than the diet industry?  While they have opposing goals, the end game is the same.  They are both exploiting your weight to make money.



4 thoughts on “What is the difference???

  1. How dare you compare Ragen to the diet industry. The diet industry is constantly telling us that we are ugly and need to change. The diet industry is designed to have it’s consumers constantly fail, you think they don’t intend for 95% of diets to fail??? They want people to keep spending money on things that don’t work and insult us along the way. Ragen lets me know that people have the same struggle as me. As an overweight person who is constantly active it’s embarrassing when people think I cannot complete simple tasks due to my weight. When I would run I had to do it at night so that I would not be made fun of by passing cars. Ragen understands the struggle I have to go through.

    Even if I could be skinny Ragens blog is still full of motivation to try and attain goals that seem out of reach because society doesn’t want us to accomplish them. I wish I could train for an Ironman but unfortunately my knee problems have been keeping me from running long distances.

    Life doesn’t suck being overweight until I constantly have to be shamed by others. If people would stop being hateful and accept me for how I was made I would be able to enjoy my life.

    • Such excuses, Anon.

      Ragan is like the diet industry in how she uses her means to an end. She makes money off suckers like you that actually believe her drivel is motivation against “an oppressive society bent on shaming fat people.” Ragan wants you to spend your ‘money on things that don’t work’ in the form of page views. The more you click, the more money she gets. Pretty easy really. But that logic is likely lost on someone who glosses over knee pain as something that’s not caused by the extra load placed on the knee daily. You should be active at all times of the day, not just when cars are there to make fun of you. Pedantic, i know, but the cars are not sentient. They don’t care if your fat or not. The drivers or the occupants may, but not the cars.

    • Your running would improve if you lost weight. Seriously. Your running speed goes up as your weight goes down. Your knee pain goes down as your joint load goes down. The longer you stay at your current weight the more damage your knees will accumulate. If I had something like that threatening my mobility, I would fucking lose the weight. That you can’t tells me that eating too much food is more important to you than being able to walk in your 60s, and that’s just sad.

    • Want to know why there is a $60 billion dollar a year diet industry (or whatever fucking number Ragen pulled out of her ass this year)? Because there is a $191 billion dollar fast food industry that is succeeding. They want you to double fist their shitty food and shove empty calories down your throat. Who do you think is winning? Clearly, not the diet industry.

      I hate to break this to you but ‘the diet industry’ isn’t making you feel bad. Any more than a McDonald’s commercial makes you buy a Big Mac. You are responsible for you. So stop blaming the world and take fucking responsibility for yourself.

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