The air conditioner story. Again…

I wasted too much of my day yesterday reading Ragen’s old blogs.  And once again, I need to address the air conditioner story.

For those of you that are new, Ragen brags that she is the ‘Kate Moss of West Africa.’ Because her mother ‘sold her for two air conditioners’ while in the Peace corps.   She even goes on to say that it was, “…twice the dowry of an African princess.”  Yup – I always feel all tingly inside when my mom sells me. It’s like a dream come true.

What point is she even trying to prove?  That her own mother thinks so little of her that she is willing to sell her for two air conditioners?  She never claims that it was a ‘ha ha joke’ thing.  In fact, she repeats that story.  Over and over.  And is proud of the fact that her own mother ‘sold’ her for two air conditioners.  A badge of honor for Ragen.  Go Ragen – your mom tried to sell you.  Have fun with that in therapy.

Here is her explanation. Added bonus of her ‘mother’ saying it was 120 degrees for months on end in the comments.

And since she brought it up, what are the chances that the Peace Corps would be okay with a volunteer ‘selling’ their kid?

She is fucking bizarre.  


7 thoughts on “The air conditioner story. Again…

  1. I was googling for an activist’s quotation for an article I’m writing and came across this site, and WOW. HAHAHAHA! I can’t believe there’s a person out there who dedicates so much time and energy to scrutinizing one other person. It’s like you’re obsessed with her. I laughed at first, and then, as I scrolled and saw all those posts, I just… like, I just feel bad for you. I hope you have a good network of people in your life, real humans you see in person, people who love you and talk to you and stuff. Because if you’re just sitting in a room alone, obsessing over trying to debunk nearly everything this one person says (or do you have other blogs set up to do the same for others? Because if that’s the case, I’d want to see them, in an anthropological interest sort of way), then I worry for your mental and emotional well-being. My wish for you is that some day you are free of this obsession, because this kind of shit, well, it warps a person. Maybe go outside for some fresh air and perspective, and realize there’s more to life than this one person you so clearly worship in a twisted way. One more giggle, now a sad sigh, and I’m out.

    • I think the fat activist movement is a little weird, but so is this blog. The about us page says no hate, but here is a blog literally calling her a dumbass. So much Cheetos dust flying around the place!

      • Ragen seems to have hit her peak a few years ago. But at one time, she was very popular in the FA movement. Unfortunately, most of her claims, once looked at, proves that she is full of shit.

        You are right – the blog was started with the best of intentions. But after reading her drivel and trying to document her lies, I can conclude that she truly is, a dumbass.

        Guess I need to update that about us page.

    • You are more than welcome to your opinion. Not going to waste time defending myself. You posted anonymously, I doubt you will be back to engage in any sort of meaningful dialogue or debate.

      I am more than happy to discuss/talk about anything. Unlike Ragen, I do not moderate the comments. Unlike Ragen, I am more than willing to discuss opposing views. And in fact, I am even willing to admit when I am wrong. So – bring it on.

    • I’ve read this blog for a long time and one thing you will notice is that the author allowed your comment so I give them a tremendous amount of credit for that. Ragen herself allows zero dissent and what she terms “hate” mail is so preposterous that it doesn’t even count.

      Take this for what its worth, but here’s why I think this blog does good work: Ragen Chastain is trying to harm kids to make herself feel better about…herself. If she were just pissing into the wind about adults and she had a small cadre of followers who got fat and died, screamed at airport attendants about wheelchairs and supposedly ran marathons…so what they’d be a trivial side show. But she is actively trying to harm children by encouraging them to be fat, in defiance of all known medical evidence (and horrifically sad anecdotes like the 10 year old who died at 700lbs, who both Ragen and Marilyn Wann criticized the state for holding the mother accountable). When that kind of nonsense happens, all bets are off…and this goes against a big part of my libertarian ethos but I’ll say it again, she is actively trying to harm kids. If there was a public proponent of kids smoking, shooting up heroin or drinking, you can bet there would be a tremendous outcry. Think of Ragen in those terms and maybe then you can see why the effort to educate about her is so important.

  2. The story of Ragen Chastain is a story of lies, most of them told in service of one woman’s untruthful narrative. Ragen Chastain is the worst sort of charlatan: she preys on the weak and miserable, knowing that she can profit by turning their self-hatred out onto the world.She does nothing to help other people, despite her cries of activism. Ragen is taking advantage of this time in history where gluttony and selfishness are mistaken for passionate conviction and activism. Her entire blog is an effort to garner for Ragen the thing she needs the most: the fawning attention of other people. That she manages to additionally run a monetary con on her followers makes her more venal than anyone I can think of.In the tradition of investigative journalism, this blog points out the inconsistencies and suspect claims that make Ragen Chastain the modern con woman she is. Both laughably petty and mind boggingly uniformed, Ragen put herself in a position to be criticized. She’s a public figure and as one she is not immune to criticism.

    • Well said, Teri.

      I think Ragen’s repeated failures to lose weight made her extremely angry, and she has channeled that anger into her crabs-in-a-bucket activism. If she can convince lots more people to become or stay fat, and send her money, she will feel better about herself.

      Her stance on air travel is particularly amusing. She actually expects the rest of the flying public to subsidize multiple seats for people too large to fit in one. As miserable as air travel is, most planes take off with no empty seats, so nothing is going to change if fat people stop flying. Furthermore, if she’s so smart, why doesn’t she start her own airline? She could put her “successful CEO” talents to work.

      You have to hand it to her, she is highly skilled at cherry-picking data to support her loony views, and much like a fundamentalist preacher, she knows how stupid and gullible her audience is. She repeatedly claims that diets don’t work, and it is obviously true that many people who lose weight regain those pounds. But It isn’t the diet that fails, it’s the person who returns to his/her pre-diet ways once the weight comes off. Unfortunately, a diet is forever. If anything, you have to continue to cut calories and exercise more as your metabolism adjusts to operating on less fuel. This is especially true as we get older and (usually) more sedentary.

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