The truth about Ragens year end stats…

Yesterday, Ragen posted a blog thanking everyone and bragged about her year end wordpress report.  Let’s break this down…

1.  She claims that her blog got a total of 1.4 million hits this year and

2.  In the next sentence, she states:  “The blog hit a total of 13,042 followers and got 34,030 comments”


After a little digging, this is what I found…

1.  Back in September, Ragen posted that she hit 4 million views.  Using that as a marker, I find her claim of 1.5 million hits this year very hard to believe.  She has been blogging since 2005 but nobody really read her blog.  It wasn’t until the beginning of 2010 that she wrote a blog about fat shaming that was picked up by Jezebel and her blog started getting attention.  They stopped re-blogging her posts at the end of 2011.  She hasn’t been re-blogged by any major sites (at least regularly) since.  Her speaking engagements are dying down.  But we are to believe that she gained more views this year than any other?  By her own calculations, she is averaging 125k views per month, just this year.   Simply doesn’t make sense.  But let’s not forget, these are page views, not unique visitors.  And even so, they are skewed – and I’ll tell you why below…

2a.  She stated in September that she hit 10k followers.  And just four months later she is at 13k?  Blogging since 2005.  She has been on a down slide since early 2012 but her followers increased by 30% in just 4 months.  Once again, Ragen isn’t telling the full truth.   You can connect your facebook, twitter, instagram etc. accounts to your WordPress account. When you post a blog, it will automatically post an update to your other social media accounts.  According to WordPress, your followers are calculated from all of your linked social media.    So she is double dipping.  She doesn’t have 13k followers on her blog.  She has 13k followers across all of her social media sites.  And there are certainly people that overlap between her social media.  Wordpress doesn’t account for that.  It just shows an aggregate.

2b.  This is the one I absolutely love.  Because it just proves how fucking shady she is.  Her comments.  She claims that her blog ‘got’ 34k comments.  The way she wrote the sentence makes it seem as if she got 34k comments this year.  Go read it.  I’ll wait.  Was I wrong?   Ragen, you are the master of half truths and  misrepresentation.  But that is not the point. Ragen is WAYYYY off on her comment stats.   Her blog has over 83k comments.  If you go to her post on 1/1 and right click on the page, then hit ‘view source’ you can scroll down the page and see for yourself.  You will something that looks like this:

<li class=”comment even thread-even depth-1 highlander-commentid=”comment-83521“>

That tells us that on 1/1, someone posted comment number 83521.  That is a function of WordPress.  She can’t change that and she can’t talk her way around it.  Don’t believe me?  Make a comment.  And after you submit look at your address bar.  Wordpress will tell you the comment number.  It is that easy.

BUT – she is approving less than half of the comments on her site and that tells us that the rest of the comments didn’t get past her moderation.  So Ragen counts every single page view to show how ‘successful’ her blog is.  But doesn’t adjust down for the views from ‘haters’ which account for more than 50% of her comments.

Yup – that’s Ragen for you.


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