Ragen is caught in a two more lies…

Lie #1

When Ragen announced her decision to do an Ironman in this post (screenshot).   She states:

… since I announced that I’m doing a second marathon people have been asking why.  Especially since I was so very, very miserable training and doing the first one.  I’ve just been saying “for reasons” which many of you found to be an unsatisfying answer – and I can’t blame you.  A big part of that was making sure that the main reason is actually something that I want to do.  And I’ve decided that it is and it’s time to tell everyone.

This marathon isn’t just another goal, it’s actually a small part of a bigger goal.- 114.4 miles bigger to be exact.

I’m going to attempt IRONMAN Arizona in November of 2016.

By her own admission, Ragen was training to do the LA Marathon as part of a bigger plan to conquer the LA Marathon.  Seems reasonable, no?  But yesterday, Ragen posted (screenshot)

 in fact, the idea to do the IM came from some audiobooks that I was listening to trying to psych myself up to do this marathon.

So which is it Ragen?  Did you start training for the LA Marathon as part of your bigger plan to attempt an Ironman?  Or did you get the idea for the Ironman while trying to psyche yourself up for the LA Marathon?  You can’t have it both ways.

Lie #2

This is the bigger lie (hence the bigger heading).  This is kind of funny.  Yesterday, she backed out of the LA Marathon.  She blogged that they changed the the finish time from 8 hours to 6.5 hours.  And she is somewhat correct.   But keep in mind that Ragen is a self-proclaimed ‘trained researcher.’   Now,  I know I don’t have formal training as a researcher so just bear with me.

A 2 minute search on Google led me to this facebook page.  Which shows that yes, they did change the time.  It also shows that the local running community was upset.  And they worked with the LA Marathon and just four days after the announcement of the change, they changed it back.   At which point the LA Marathon “announced they will support all finishers & maintain timing and medals past the 6.5 hour cutoff. Thank you for your support!”  This all happened in July.

If Ragen really intended to do the marathon, don’t you think she would have known this?  And if she didn’t, don’t you think she would have ‘done activism’  like she is always encouraging?   Wouldn’t Ragen, as an activist, have written letters, contacted the LA Marathon, asked her followers to do the same?  That is her MO.  But not this time.  She just accepted the time change, rolled over and quit.

So not only did she not argue the time change after the marathon was announced, she totally missed the update.  She has NO reason not to do the marathon based on her excuse of the time change.  And when it was brought to her attention, she totally ignored it.


7 thoughts on “Ragen is caught in a two more lies…

  1. Ummm- ok, I find it kind of weird that you seem to have this whole site set up just to “take down Regan”…but anyway, I’m not sure what you are trying to say with “lie #1″…she never claimed that her first marathon was part of her ironman goal. She did say that “THIS” marathon is part of a larger goal (referring to the second marathon she is mentioning). Not only is this site incredibly weak and “nit-picky”, but it’s not even accurate. Very sad to have this kind of time on your hands…

  2. My intention isn’t to ‘take down’ Ragen. It is simply to document her lies and half truths. She is quite good at that.

    And you are correct, her first marathon wasn’t part of her Ironman goal. She never said that nor did I. She did claim to be training for the LA Marathon last year. She later went on to claim that the only reason she was doing the LA Marathon was because it was part of her ‘larger goal.’ Then blogged that she got the idea to do the Ironman while trying to get motivated during training for the LA Marathon. She directly contradicted herself. Ragen tends to do that. Often.

    I can ‘nit-pick’ all I want. I am not the person claiming to ‘have athletic privilege and build type 2 muscle fibers really easily.’ I am not the one claiming to be an ‘elite athlete.’ I am not the one making a living off of blogging a shitload of crap, skewed science and half truths.

    I am simply pointing out the inconsistencies in her blogs. Her half truths and her double speak. Not to mention her flat out lies.

    The truth sucks. And clearly, denial is a bitch too.

  3. I’m more pissed about Dr. Oz putting her on TV to promote nonsense.She’s delusional, there’s not much helping that without her acceptance (pun intended).

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