Ragen on shoes and sex….

First, I want to point out that I am referencing this post from 2012.   Notice the stupid cat?  She still uses that stupid cat pic.  She is just so not cool.  While pretending to be cool.  It’s almost embarrassing.  But that is not the point of this post.

Back in 2012, Ragen was on a panel that included a personal trainer.  And as you can imagine, things went to shit.

The personal trainer stated (regarding obesity)… “You are limited in the freedom of what you’re able to do and you lose basic function – life activities like having sex, tying your shoes, walking around the block or walking up one flight of stairs becomes vigorous. 

She goes on a stupid rant, fighting him about bs.  But then tries to prove her point by saying “Let’s start with the three things that he claims type 2 and 3 obese people can’t do: shoe tying, stair climbing and sex.”  Um Ragen – he never claimed you couldn’t do it.  He just claimed it is harder for you.  And the fact that you can’t even bend down to tie your fucking sneaker proves to me that he is right.  EDIT:  Ragen can, in fact, bend down to tie her shoes.  Someone pointed that out to me in the comments.  I was wrong.  I still stand behind my statement that if ‘methods of tying your shoes’ is worthy of a blog post, something just isn’t right.

And Ragen, by your own admission, you have never been anything but obese.  So how do you know how it feels to not carry the extra weight of 2-3 people on your back?  Are you fucking stupid?   Or do you just expect your readers to be?  Because you simply don’t have the knowledge to know whether daily activities are more vigorous because of the weight that you carry.   You have no basis for comparison.   And judging from your responses to his claims, I am pretty sure that you are too defensive about your own obesity to ever contemplate any other opinion than your own.  Think about that.

The truth sucks.  And the hard truth is that you have built your identity around being fat.  And claim to be in the top 5% of elite athletes.  In the world.  Realistically – you are nothing.  You aren’t an “elite athlete.”  You aren’t an elite anything.

Shut up already.


6 thoughts on “Ragen on shoes and sex….

  1. Actually, by her own admission (had you actually done any research at all) she weighed 135 pounds at one point. And in one of her tying shoe pictures, she does in fact just bend down and tie her shoe.

    • And for the record, she has three different stories about her hospitalization, height, weight and BMI. I just found them. More than happy to blog about them next if you are still interested, with screen shots from her blog. Just to prove to you that her story keeps changing.

      Just say the word. .

  2. The trainer’s right. She wasn’t a “national champion” at anything. She placed in some very small local comps with little to no other competition.

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