Hate mail…

I got my first ‘hate’ mail.  Actually it was just a comment – not an e-mail.  Does that count?  Screw it – I am counting it.  I am movin’ on up!

I don’t moderate comments.  Say whatever the fuck you want.  I don’t care.   And this is my first ‘hate’ comment**  And it really isn’t that hateful. If this is the ire of the internet, I can’t wait to get on Ragen’s level – where people are threaten to volunteer for IMAZ 2015 (on their own dime).  Just to get a spot in IMAZ 2016 so they can hopefully get close enough to her at the start or the swim to drown her?  Imagine being that internet popular and famous and smart?  One can only dream, right?

But let’s move on to my one ‘hate’ comment…

Woodstockgurl commented:  “Wow, you really seem to care an unhealthy amount about her health.”

Ohh – burn, right?  Took me awhile to compose myself after reading this ‘hate’ comment.  But eventually I got it together.

Woodstockgurl, I could give two shits about Ragen’s health.  If Ragen wants to peddle half truths, slanted studies and use statements taken out of context to prove her points?  Go for it.  If her followers want to support her blog and her crowdfunding?  Their problem.  Not mine.  If they are too dense to realize that not one crowdfund has ever come to fruition?  Thousands of dollars raised with no tangible results?  Again – their problem – not mine.  And if her followers desperately lap up her shit like the last crumbs at the bottom of a bag of Cool Ranch?  All the more power to her.   Who cares?  Good for her.  P.T. Barnum said it best – there is a sucker born every minute.  Ragen is a lot of things.  Stupid  isn’t one of them and she is taking full advantage of every sucker that sends her money.

But once she involved ‘the children’ all bets were off.   I will call her out as a charlatan and scam artist.  She is the modern day equivalent of a 19th century traveling medicine show.   She needs to put up or shut up.   I’ve already debunked most of her dubious ‘scientific’ studies on this site.   Show me some unbiased studies.  Show me peer reviewed studies.  Show me science.  And I will shut the fuck up.

P.S.  And Ragen, you still haven’t taken your address off the internet.  For someone that claims to get as many death threats as you do, I would think that you would be more careful.  Especially since you are a ‘trained researcher.’  Shit – Internet 101 teaches you not to post your fucking HOEM ADDRESS on the internet.  But with all of your sites, maybe you can’t remember.  Here is a clue.  Remember that site?  The one where you asked people to recycle their soda bottles and send you the money?


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