What is HAES???

Ragen has always been overweight.  A chubby, 9 year old Ragen, was quoted in the local paper.

So here is my question…  if she is practicing HAES, what is she basing health on?  Clearly she has never been healthy.

Healthy isn’t a number on a scale.  But…

It is not an eating disorder.  It is not an exercise disorder.  Ragen flat out admits to being hospitalized for those.

Then went balls to the wall in the other direction.  And gained a shitload of weight while preaching HAES.

That isn’t health.  Health is moderation.  It is about sometimes saying yes.  Sometimes saying no.  Sometimes pushing yourself and sometimes just saying fuck it because you just don’t feel like it.  Health is eating a few fries.  Maybe even a few more.  Instead of the entire plate.  Health isn’t about denying yourself.  Health is allowing yourself.  But knowing when to check yourself.  Health is pushing yourself when you just don’t want to fucking move.  Then 30 minutes later, coming home feeling like the freaking queen of england.  Not because you were training for the Ironman.  But because you got up off your ass and ran for 1/2 hour when you just didn’t feel like it.

You see Ragen, health isn’t screaming from two blogs that you are training for IMAZ.  For most of us, health is about moderation.  Knowing when to say no and pushing ourselves to do a little more because we sometimes couldn’t resist.  Maybe sometimes we didn’t feel like exercising after indulging.  No fucking problem.  Then most people will just cut a few calories the next day.

It is all about moderation.  Always about moderation.  But Ragen can’t seem to wrap her head around moderation.  It really isn’t a bad thing.   13 + hour Seattle Marathon?  Let’s sign up for an Ironman.  She seems to be missing a crucial step in her thought process.



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