Don’t you dare question Ragen…

She seriously goes off and blogs about anyone that dares to question her decision to do IMAZ.  Under the guise of concern trolling. On one recent blog, she states…

the fact remains that her behavior is grossly out of line and completely unacceptable to me…

Um Ragen – not sure how to break this to you but if you are going to blog about anything on not one, but TWO different blogs, people are going to comment.  And not every person is going to agree with you.  No matter what the subject.

But YOU blogged about it.  YOU started the conversation.  YOU put it out there and YOU publicized it.  Then complain that not every single person agrees with you?  Please tell me you aren’t that dumb.

If you are, I am here to help.  All you have to do is shut the fucking comments off. It’s that simple.

But that will never happen.  Because the only reason you blog about the IM BS is to perpetuate your message of ‘fat oppression.’ It gives you something to blog about.  Because without that ‘storyline’?  You are just rehashing the same old tired stuff. With same old tired lulz cat and the same old “bowl of no shit sherlock flakes’ joke that stopped being funny somewhere around ’05.

P.S. Anyone with a basic understanding of inertia would understand that your claim of 85 RPM’s for 50 minutes on the bike is useless without resistance.  The flywheel is weighted and once it gets going, all you are doing is keeping up.  Most telling, you haven’t even bothered to sign up for the LA Marathon yet.  That just screams dedication to me.


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