I had ‘weight induced’ strep throat…

Ragen claims, here, here, here, here, here, here and here that she was prescribed weight loss for a strep throat.   She doesn’t shut up about it.   Because she also claims it here, here, here, herehere and here.  I think these are enough citations.

So we can all agree on this.  Ragen claims  that in order to cure her strep throat, a doctor told her that she needs to lose weight.  Sounds stupid, no? I thought so too.  But check here for here video.

Come on.  Who the fuck believes that a doctor withheld antibiotics and told her to lose weight instead?  It’s an easy $100 for the office visit.  Five minutes of his time.  Problem solved and on to the next.  But she wants us to believe that he wanted to withhold antibiotics and prescribed weight loss.

Four years in college, four years of medical school.  Three to seven years of residency and almost a million dollars later, Ragen’s doctor is willing to throw it all away by prescribing weight loss for a strep throat?  While setting himself up for a potentially career ending malpractice suit.  Just to fat shame her?

Antibiotics will kill strep 99% of the time.  Untreated, it can lead to Rheumatic Fever – which can be life threatening.  You don’t hear much about Rheumatic Fever these days.  Why? Because doctors give antibiotics for strep throat.  Except for Ragen’s doctor.  He just prescribed weight loss.

In the two years that I cited, never once did Ragen mention reporting him for prescribing weight loss for strep throat.  If this actually happened, this is gross malpractice.   And should be reported.  But Ragen never reported him.  Her entire existance is fat activism.  So if a doctor prescribed weight loss for strep throat, why didn’t she report him?

I’ll take “Things that Never Happened” for $1000, Alex.



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