Questions for Ragen…

You said you were doing the LA Marathon – you haven’t even bothered to sign up.

You can’t book a speaking engagement outside of the FA movement to save your life.

You are going backwards with training.  Over the summer, you claimed 6 mile long runs.  But now 5 mile interval runs are tripping you up?

Seven years in college.  Never graduated.  Yet Ragen claims to be a ‘trained researcher?’  What the hell does that even mean?  It certainly wasn’t a major (or minor) when she attended college.  So who trained her.  And in what?  Did they teach her how to google?  WTF??


On that note, I am formally declaring myself:

1.) a bestselling auther (people read my blog sometimes)

2.)  a doctor (I totally figured out that my son had strep throat – didn’t go to a throat shaming doctor.  I just told the doc to give us meds for  it.  The swelling went down)

3) in the the top 50% of all athletes. I have athletic privilege and build type 5 muscle fibers like they are going out of style.  I guess I am just lucky like that.

4)  jobless.  And preying on the people that read my blog to fund my lifestyle because I am just spewing shit out of my ass.

If you want to contribute to my blog, please help.



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