Dances with Fat and her latest marathon update *ahem* crowdfund

Ragen has made countless claims about her ‘athletic privilege’ over the years.

She claims to be ‘in the top 5% of Americans in strength, stamina and flexibility.’

She says she can ‘leg press almost four times my body weight.’

She claims to ‘build type 2 muscle fibers‘ really easily.

She claims she can ‘do 75 full squat jumps

She even has the audacity to claim, right on her home page, that she is a ‘professional athlete

But her initial blogs about training for the IM were all about her failure.  It was really hard.   Initially, all she did was bitch about the training and talk about her failures.  Then she did a few posts about succeeding at her workouts.  And now, she is so good at it that random people at the gym are asking her to join running clubs?

Ragen flat out REFUSES to give anyone any cold, hard stats about her workouts.  She actually has the audacity to say it is nobody’s business, while at the same time talking about her ‘training’ on two separate blogs.

This new blog post serves two purposes.  With this story, she is trying to set up third party validation of her training.  If you were skeptical before, you don’t need to be.  Because someone that saw her working out just invited her to join a running club.  Now you know she is doing awesome, right?    Because Ragen just said so.

This  also serves to continue her story line of  ‘morbidly obese people can do anything.’  She had a tough go in the beginning, but our girl toughed it out.  It is just one small victory at a time.  Right, right???

Too bad she is unwilling to back her claims up with any cold, hard facts.

Mark my words, it is just a matter of time before she starts the crowdfund for IMAZ.  She teased it with her comment about her bicycle being in ‘bike jail.’    She is going to claim that she was oppressed by the bicycle manufacturer’s and had to spend X amount to get it reinforced and can’t afford it.  Just wait.  It’s coming.

Side note:  she hasn’t even bothered to sign up for the LA Marathon in March – search for yourself.

And P.S.  – Ragen – you claim to be a ‘trained researcher.’  But you can’t even figure out how to spell check your own damn blog?


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