On Dances with Fat, Ragen and concern trolls…

Haters are going to hate. There isn’t a damn thing she can do about it. She claims her blog is a ‘safe place’ and moderates all comments. No ‘hateful’ comments will get through.

But then she constantly blogs about the ‘hateful’ comments. The ones that only she can see. She is literally giving these ‘haters’ a voice on her blog just so she can play the part of the oppressed victim.  Only to win in the end.  GO RAGEN!!!

Today she said: “I get to decide how people treat me.”  (Full link to the blog here).

How is she deciding how people are treating her?  By blogging the hateful things they they say?  She isn’t standing up for herself.   She is just giving them a voice.  Please tell me she isn’t the stupid.

I was wrong – she really is that stupid.  Ignoring it would be the better way to go.   But Ragen can’t do that.  Her entire identity is wrapped around being a shamed, oppressed, bullied victim.

If Ragen were truly the happy, self confident, healthy, elite athlete and trained researcher that she claims to be?  She would just ignore it.


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