Training for a Marathon – the Dances with Fat way…

On  May 10th, Ragen announced on her danceswithfat blog, that she was training for the 2015 LA Marathon.  Good for her, right?

On May 26, she states, “A number of people have asked about my training plan for this marathon.  I have been working with experienced trainers…to get me to the finish line in time.”

On June 8th, Ragen casually mentions that she was on her ‘weekly long run‘ as part of a bigger post about fat shaming.  Casually mentions doing 6 miles.

On September 20, she blogs that she is doing the an Ironman.

On October 2nd, Ragen states (regarding her new Ironman coach):  “I’ve been using a generic training program and so having something that is created for me, and is evolved based on my progress by someone who has done his share of IMs and trained other people to do them, gives me a lot more peace of mind.”

On October 7th, she states:   “I (sic) became apparent during the first interval that I was not going to be able to hold the pace over the time, I … decide to cut the time by a third and that helped a lot, I still didn’t hold the pace…  the last half mile wasn’t so much an interval run as it was me being unwilling to quit until I hit five miles.”

So my question is, which is it?  Was she working with experienced trainers or was she using a generic training program?   And why are 5 mile interval runs kicking her ass four months after she talks about doing 6 mile interval runs?

And, seriously, who the fuck is paying for all of this?  How the hell can she afford swim lessons, Ironman coaches and entry fees.  Not to mention travel fees.

BRB – changing the name of the blog to waltzingwithfat.  Going to shill myself as a national fat waltzing champion.  And activist for oppressed waltzers.  You can donate to the fight against oppression of waltzers here.  Thank you for your support.


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