Ragen is concerned that ‘people will drown her’ at IMAZ. Let’s debunk this, shall we?

In Ragen’s latest Ironman training update, she claims:

“People have lots of fears about the race, but as far as I’ve seen,
I’m the only one who has to worry if the two people who threatened
to show up at my IM and drown me during the swim
will actually try to follow through.”

Scroll down to the “Race Day” heading. That is where she claims that people are going to kill her.  It’s there.  See for yourself.

So let’s talk about facts.  And if someone were to try to drown Ragen, how would they do it?   How would they get away with it?  Even more insidious, how are they getting to the swim?  Is the IMAZ in on it?  They must be.

This is the reality…

1.  IMAZ 2014 sold out, online,  in less than a minute.

2.  If you volunteer at an Ironman event, you can sign up for the next Ironman the day after the race.

3.  IMAZ 2015 sold out the day after the event.  There was no open registration online.  The volunteers took the spots.

So, in order for Ragen to ‘worry about someone drowning her during the swim’ that would mean that two random internet people would spend the time and money to:

A)  Fly to Arizona in 2015 at their own expense

B) Pay for a hotel and accommodations for the weekend

C) Volunteer for IMAZ.

D) Spend an additional $750 to sign up for a spot in 2016

E) Fly back to Arizona in 2016 under the pretense that they are doing the Ironman

F) Pay for a hotel

F)  Set up all of the bags/equipment they purchase to continue this sham.

G)  Get close enough to Ragen in the water to drown her.

All for the .01% that Ragen makes it to the swim?  Because historically speaking, Ragen does not finish what she starts.  Although she does have a strong history of crowdfunding her ‘projects’.  Still waiting for the paper mache project that she crowdfunded here in 2013 to come to fruition.  Not holding my breath for the “History of Fat Activism” project that she raised over $2500 to ever get completed.

There is the theory that IMAZ is in on this.  And they will just let her internet drowners into the swim because they hate all fat people.  I just made that up.  But that is much more likely than two random internet people getting a spot for IMAZ ’16.

Back to Ragen.  Call me cheap – but wouldn’t it be more time and cost effective to just fly to LA for a day or two? And do the deed there?

Suffice it to say that I am not advocating drowning Ragen.  Don’t get any ideas.  I am simply pointing out how fucking stupid her claims are.  If Ragen even had a clue about how hard it is to get a spot at an Ironman, she wouldn’t be spewing this shit.  Most likely, she is banking on the fact that her followers do not have a clue.  And this is just another sensationalist bullshit cry for sympathy.  Soon to be followed up with her next crowdfund.


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