Listening to ‘my body’…

Ragen, and other FA’s have this weird disassociation between their bodies and themselves.  I once saw a comment on a blog that said something to the effect that once the person learned to disassociate her body size with her self esteem, she was finally happy.  So, let’s get this straight.  This is a person that is unhappy with her body.  Rather than choose to work on that, she would rather look at her body as a separate entity, with a mind of it’s own.  And she can only be happy when she absolves herself of responsibility for her decisions?  Because she didn’t make them – her body did?

That means, from a legal standpoint, I am not responsible for something that ‘my body’ does.  Right?  So when ‘my body’ punches my ex in the fucking face for the years of physical/psychological abuse he put me through, I can’t be charged with assault.  I didn’t do it.  My body did.

Let’s take this a step further.  Let’s say that one day, ‘my body’ decided to rape a 7 year old.  I am not responsible.  My body did it.  I was just listening to my body.  And that absolves me of any responsibility.

Wrap your head around that logic.

This is, quite possibly, some of the stupidest shit that has come out of the FA blogosphere.  Your ‘body’ does not make decisions – you do.  And if they were as ‘proud’ of their curves as they say?  They would own their behavior, not blame it on ‘their body’ and absolve themselves of all responsibility.

I should have a good, strong sentence to wrap this up.  But I am having a hard time reconciling this stupidity in my head.


5 thoughts on “Listening to ‘my body’…

  1. I think you mean “dissociation”.

    While I agree with you that fat people are responsible for their choices that made them fat, I just wonder about your point on self-esteem?

    I guess I believe that people, including fat people, make bad choices and behave in ways that are self defeating and not good for society as a whole. Also, I believe they should still be allowed to have good self-esteem. In fact, I think it is generally only people with a good self-esteem that can look at the bad choices they’ve made, own them, and make changes. So, if a fat person says, “I’m dissociating my self-esteem from my body size” (that is saying I’m still a person of worth even though I’m fat in this moment), then I think that’s a step in the right direction?

    Yes, outward appearances are a part of self-esteem, but they aren’t the sum total of a person’s worth.

    • Everyone makes bad choices and has self defeating behaviors. Nobody is perfect. Here’s the difference – most of us own this behavior. We don’t blame other people. We either fix them or accept them. Or learn how to balance them. But we don’t blame anyone but ourselves.

      Also called being an adult. Learning from your mistakes. Find me one FA that is willing to admit that they need to change. Anything. Any behavior. Just one.

      Didn’t think so.

    • Sure – because at my age, when you have been through hell and back, self worth is just something that is sprinkled upon you with fairy dust???

      Totally ridiculous. Take responsibility for yourself or spend the rest of your life blaming your misery on everyone else. But for the love of God – stop blaming society for this. It’s you. Not everyone else.

      • I was replying to your post; not taking up the mantle of defending the FA community. My point is that a person needs to say, “I’m worth taking care of myself”, in order to make changes.

        Because if a person doesn’t believe they’re worth it, they’re unlikely to take care of themselves.

        So going back to your original post, I offer a different perspective. Less angry, more change.

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