Smoking vs. Fat, part 2

Day five.  And I have to say, not smoking sucks.  I am using an e-cig to quit.  I watched a documentary today that really showed the parallels between smoking and eating.  Back in the 60’s (or 70’s) tobacco companies started upping the amount of nicotine in cigarettes.  When you smoke, you get addicted to the nicotine.  So they made sure to pump them up to get you addicted.

It is the same thing with food and sugar.  All of the food companies do the same thing.  They pump their foods up with additives, sugar and chemicals.  With the goal of getting you addicted.  Ragen constantly talks about the ‘diet industry.’  I have yet to hear her say one word about the conglomerates that put 90% of the food in our grocery stores.  Call me crazy, but I am willing to guess that those companies have a wider reach than the diet industry.  Everyone has to go to the grocery store.

And now that the fat activism movement is so successful, people are embracing their fat, the diet industry is failing and hot guys all over the world are looking for curves.  /s

So back to the smoking thing.  My plan is to use the e-cig to get the nicotine fix and get past the other cravings.  In a month or so, I will start cutting down on the nicotine levels in the e-cig.  Sounds good in theory, no?  I thought so too.  But the cravings for a ‘real’ cigarette suck.  Even as I am getting a nicotine fix.  So yesterday, I finally caved.  I lit a cigarette, inhaled twice and threw it out because it tasted like ass.  So I am kind of stuck in this bizarre limbo where I want to smoke. It tastes like ass.  I know it tastes like ass.  But I still crave it. My lungs are working overtime to get rid of the shit that I put into them for the last 20 years.  I can literally see my body rejecting the shit I have put into it while I smoked.  Call me crazy/weird, but after I have a coughing fit, I have to spit into a cup.  Nothing gives me more resolve than seeing what is coming out of my lungs.  But even that doesn’t stop the cravings.  Sucks to be me right now, no?

Moral of the story???

First, I smoked one cigarette.  Threw it out and got right back on my quest to stop smoking.  I didn’t start smoking two packs a day because I deprived myself of smoking for a week.

Second, there absolutely is a parallel between the tobacco industry and the companies that make processed foods.  They are a business.  And their business succeeds when you fail.

Third, I am denying ‘my body’ cigarettes and instead, sucking on an e-cig that barely keeps the cravings at bay.  Just like an overweight person should gnaw on a fucking carrot when they crave cake.  It sucks.  But it is the same fucking thing.

Fourth, addiction is addiction is addiction.  No matter what you are addicted to.  Find me one FA that denies ‘their body’ and the foods it craves?  And instead, uses carrot sticks to mindlessly munch on until the craving passes?  Thank you.

For someone that is trying to quit smoking, an e-cig is the equivalent of using a carrot to stop a craving for cake.  Just like having a non-alcoholic beer sucks for an alcoholic.  It all sucks.  But sooner or later, you need to take responsibility for your actions.  And responsibility for yourself.  These FA’s need to grow the fuck up already.


One thought on “Smoking vs. Fat, part 2

  1. This should be read by every fat activist, every drug addict and every alcoholic. It sucks but you gotta suck it up is probably the best advice that can be given to anyone with addiction issue. Yes, Ragen. I’m talking to you.

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