Can Ragen twist the truth any more than this?

Here is the timeline.  With links.

10/3 – Someone posted on Reddit that Ragen was speaking at their college.  Everyone told OP to go – listen and take notes.  There is a rule on r/fatlogic that says “don’t touch the poop.”  Going to listen is fine.  But don’t be an ass and call her out.  OP agreed.

10/24 – OP went to her talk and uploaded the audio to YouTube.  And her talk was discussed on Reddit.

10/24 – Ragen posts on Facebook  “During my talk about Size Acceptance and Health at Every Size at York University last night (which was awesome by the way, hi to my new FB friends!) there was a partial solar eclipse. Waiting for the reddit thread “Ragen Chastain blocks out the sun with fatness” and the follow up New York Times article “Obesity blocking out our sun, leading us to apocalypse”

First, Ragen spoke at York College – not University.  Aside from calling her out for her poor speaking skills and shoddy science, nobody made fun of her size.

10/25 – Ragen posts on Facebook “I joked yesterday that there would be a reddit thread accusing me of blocking out the sun because there was an eclipse during my talk. I was wrong, but there is a thread called “No one knows what Ragan eats. Seriously.” which is separate from the thread “What Does Ragen Chastain Claim to Eat?” and is hilarious (and labor intensive, people are bringing up individual facebook posts I made months and even years ago. I’m wondering why a group so devoted to research and “truth” cannot spell my name correctly but I digress) The humor is worth having to delete hundreds of e-mails and blog comments from people asking what I eat (who might want to really consider if this is really how they want to spend their limited time on Earth.) I feel a hatemail page update coming along!”

She is somewhat correct.  There was a post titled “No one knows what Ragan eats.  Seriously.”  But that post is almost a week old.  So it wasn’t posted after her talk as she would like you to believe.  I couldn’t find the thread “What does Ragen Chastain Claim to Eat?”  so I am not sure what is up with that.

Ragen claims that thermodynamics does not apply to her ‘body’.  But refuses to discuss what she eats.  I agree that it is nobody’s business but hers.  But she is claiming that thermodynamics is wrong.  Never mind that almost 200 years after the law of thermodynamics was introduced, it has been proven.  So I don’t think that it is too much to ask that Ragen show the data to back up her claims that ‘her body’ defies physics.


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