The Diet Industry

Ragen never shuts up about the ‘billions’ of dollars the ‘diet industry’ makes each year.  She tends to stick with the figure of $60 billion a year.  But as an untrained researcher that knows how to google, that figure varies from $20 billion to $60 billion.   I agree that every day we are bombarded with another get thin quick scheme.  It is called advertising.  But guess who spends more per year on advertising than the diet industry?

The fast food industry.  When was the last time you saw her complain about that?  Never.

According to my highly untrained google research, the fast food industry pulled in approximately $188 billion last year. That figure does not include the highly processed foods we find in the supermarket made with government subsidized HFCS, which is another blog for another day.

But Ragen is only concerned about the ‘diet industry’ and their measly $60 billion per year.

Newsflash Ragen – it doesn’t cost more to eat less.  Ba da ba ba ba – I’m lovin it.


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