Missed Opportunities…

Everything Ragen touches turns to shit.  Her circle is the same few women.  And Simon.  Poor Simon.

The people that comment on your blog aren’t paying your bills.  Its the same few people.  Over and over and over.

She is practically begging for speaking engagements these days.  She peaked with that billboard campaign.  And rode the wave for a year or so.  And now the well is dry,

If she had half a brain or an ounce of willpower, she would train for the IM.  Lose weight.  Finish it.  Then start speaking out against HAES.  She would compare HAES to a cult.  Who doesn’t love a good success story? Especially when breaking away from something as cult-y as HAES?

Part of me thinks that that what this IM is all about.  Losing weight while not trying to alienate her fan base.  And bringing in a new revenue stream.

But most of me says she isn’t that smart.


One thought on “Missed Opportunities…

  1. Simon was called out on reddit yesterday for posting his own reply to Ragen’s very angry blog entry of Fri October 10. Simon tried to masquerade as a /r/Fatlogic subscriber and mistakenly posted under the same name he uses for his FA blog. And the screenshot he submitted had proof. Poor dumb Simon J.

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