UPDATE: this takes balls…

Remember the Fit Fatties Virtual Vacation?  For the record, I know I suck, I am lazy and just linking back to myself.  Maybe if I were an ‘Elite Athlete, Trained Researcher, International Dance Champion, Film Star and Turnaround CEO of a multi-billion dollar  corporation, I would be so busy that I would just need to link back to myself just spend my time doing activism.

But I am none of those things.  Just lazy.

And apparently, not many people on the Fit Fatties wanted to take a ‘Virtual Vacation.’  Go figure.  Google Earth is free.  Same thing.  So now they have another ‘promotion’ (let it be known that I am using that term very lightly.)  So another day, and yet another website for Ragen.  Yes – this is the ‘RASCAL’ challenge.  Oddly – it seems to be geared more towards those that are immobile.  Ironically enough, it is more expensive this time.  Go for it… http://radicalselfcareactivist.wordpress.com/

You don’t even need to be mobile for this one.  Just send Ragen $50 to join.

She made a long list of ‘self care’ activities you can do to earn points.  TL:DR – do what ever the fuck you want – it all counts.

I lost her somewhere around the massage/mani/pedi ‘badge’.

Fuck her.  Just for once, I want her to see what it is like to forgo something (anything) because it is more important to someone else.  If I have an extra $20 – I am not getting a mani/pedi like she suggests.  I am buying my son a WWE action figure.  I fucking HATE buying them.  It pisses me off, it irks me and it is a HUGE waste of money. But guess what?  I do it because it makes my son happy.  The world doesn’t revolve around me.

Just like with her intuitive eating, this reeks of a ‘me, me, me’ attitude.  I have yet to see her do/blog/sacrifice ANYTHING that doesn’t benefit her.


One thought on “UPDATE: this takes balls…

  1. The More of Me to Love website which is providing the exciting prizes available to participants is a hoot. Sex toys, seat belt extenders and extra special creams and lotions for those among the participants whose skin has lost its integrity from being stretched ever outward by all that fat. Check
    It out. For all your immobility needs.

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