Ragen, the IRONMAN…

So now that I documented how full of shit Ragen was with how she spends her days, let’s debunk her new post on Ironfat.

Let me preface this that I don’t believe, at her weight, she can seriously train or complete this.  It is either another shill and cry for money.  Or she will lose weight, train and compete.  Then blame the weight loss on her training to save face with her followers.

On to the debunking (or as I like to call it, the truth):

She claims to be ‘Reddit famous.’ Nope.  She is r/fatlogic infamous, not Reddit famous.  HUGE difference.  She is completely wrong in saying there are ‘multiple threads’ about her every day.  There might be one thread per day that is a direct response to the shit she spews.  And how it doesn’t line up with common sense/science.  But you might see one or two more posting about the fat logic in the comments.  And yes, she is correct, there is a sub dedicated to her, but at 414 followers, that does not make her ‘reddit famous.’  Shit – r/picturesofiansleeping has over 14k followers.  And that is literally a sub dedicated to pictures of a Ian sleeping.

She is all 100% wrong in saying that r/fatlogic hates her.  Well, maybe about 90%.  There are people that truly hate the message she is sending.  There are those that simply shake their heads.  And there are those that counter every one of her claims with actual scientific studies.  The entire premise of the fatlogic sub is to point out and hate the logic.  But not the person.  So while she might claim that ‘reddit hates her.’  It is more like there are people on r/fatlogic that think she is a complete asshole for spreading the shit that she does, but that isn’t hate.  Because they are sane enough to simply point out the facts.

On to her next claim…  she has received 5,000 e-mails telling her to kill herself.  In just four days.  Let’s bring this back down to Earth.  She claims ‘a couple of hundred’ hate messages a day on her mainstream blog.  Just a month ago.  After years of blogging.

Yet 4 days after saying she was training for an IRONMAN, she literallly received 5,000 e-mails telling her to kill herself?  Umm – okay???  If you say so????  You can’t dispute the claim nor does she give any sort of proof.  But after her last claims, why would you even believe this?

Her most outrageous claim is that “two people so far have promised to register for the 2016 Arizona IRONMAN just to drown me during the swim and let people believe that I just couldn’t make it.”   As I value my life, if someone sent that threat to me, I would immediately contact the police.  I wouldn’t fucking blog about it.  Kills all credibility with me.

Once again, Ragen is building herself up as the underdog.  And rallying her followers.  She wants them to feel outraged against the ‘fat hate.’  And I promise you, this will just end up with another crowdfund.   It is just a matter of time.


3 thoughts on “Ragen, the IRONMAN…

  1. I have had occasion to read very comment on fat logic and I can assure everyone reading this that there were no death threats and that no one plans to sign up for any Ironman competition to drown, abuse, yell at or do anything else to her. As a matter of fact many of the regulars on that subreddit have said tat they hope she does the race and that they wish her well. Guess that doesn’t sell tshirts and blog memberships, though.I personally believe that this entire idea–claiming that she plans to do the race, documenting her “training” for it and the inevitable failure to participate–is yet another bid to delude her already easily fooled followers.

  2. Just remember to say “IRONMAN” one word, or else you have no idea what you’re talking about. I don’t know how many times she goes off on an tangent about how someone was questioning her actually doing any training, but b/c they said Iron Man, they OBVIOUSLY have no idea what they are talking about and don’t even know what an IRONMAN is.

    And I second Teri. Fatlogic only criticizes the insane arguments people in the HAES community have. The concern is that they are spreading lies and claiming unhealthy behavior IS healthy, thus making this epidemic worse. Be fat or dont, but do not pretend your body is fuctioning at its best.

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