Ragen, the elite athlete, and genetics

This article from 2010. gives us some more insight to Ragen.

Let’s set aside the fact that Ragen’s father was actually friends with Joe Paterno. Same guy that looked the other way when boys were being molested at Penn State.

From that article, it is clear that her father was actually an athlete.  He built a life around sports.  He was drafted by the Mets under Yogi Berra before he got sidelined by an injury.  So he turned to coaching.  Ragen’s brother was drafted out of high school.  And unfortunately, committed suicide that same summer.

If nothing else, this article tells us that Ragen has great genetics.  Half of her nuclear family was literally ‘elite’ enough to be drafted to the major leagues in baseball.

So why is she finishing a marathon in 12 hours and still calling herself an elite athlete?

Anyone else think she has some daddy issues?


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