Ragen’s Busy Days…

In the beginning of September, Ragen wrote a blog about how she spends her days.  This is a little old at this point (in internet time) but I wanted to post this as a preface to my next blog post.  Just to point out how absurd some of her claims are.  So here is her original post:  “Over 4 Million Served”.  In this blog post, she claims:

  • 320 e-mails per day that she goes through/answers
  • 300-500 Facebook posts per day to her personal page
  • She moderates the ‘Rolls Not Trolls’ facebook but no concrete numbers given
  • “a couple of hours to many hours over a period of days” per blog post and she blogs every day.
  • Her long term work on the Fat Activist History Project.  (I’m pulling a Ragen and linking back to my own blog – but aside from the work she initially did 15 months and $2600 ago, there is no change.)

So let’s do the math.  In 245 days, she claims to have answered 78,138 e-mails.  321 e-mails per day.  And these were just the e-mails that deserved her attention.  At a minimum of 2 minutes per e-mail, that is over 10 hours.  Not sure about you, but I would think that it would take me more than two minutes to respond to ‘heartbreaking requests for resources’ to ‘professors asking about resources and curriculum development.  Right?

Now add her 300-500 facebook posts per day that she moderates for her personal page.  Other facebook pages she moderates.  And the ‘couple of hours to many hours over a period of days’ she spends researching her daily blog posts**.  Showering, eating, sleeping.

So basically, she is full of shit.  There is no way one person can personally attend to that level of communication.  Plus do all of the other things she claims to do.

**Anyone with half a brain will see that 90% of the links in her daily blog posts are simply links back to her old blogs.  And half of the time, she picks quotes from those studies to serve her purpose while ignoring the greater findings from the study.


2 thoughts on “Ragen’s Busy Days…

  1. If she actually had helped hundreds od people with “heartbreaking” problems there is no way on earth she wouldn’t have documented it with a blog post. Her dishonesy is so poorly though out that my children were better liars in grade school. And my children were terrible liars.

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