Ragen the Ironman – another day, another website…

Let me preface this post by saying as someone who watched the earlier housewives, there was much mention about building a ‘brand.’

Ragen has her hands in all sorts of projects.  She crowdfunds for most of them.  To date, I have found these:






And by far, my favorite, ww.fitfattiesvirtualvacations.com.

Work has you down?  Can’t afford that dream vacation?  Don’t want to leave the comfort of your home?  Or maybe just immobile?

Ragen has the vacation for you.  For just $20, you can go on a 5 city virtual vacation, without ever leaving your house.  Tour the shut in’s in Texas, the double wides in Florida.  Or maybe an international vacation is more your speed?  No fret, Mexico is now the fattest country in the world.  I am sure she has contacts there too.  Act now, and she will DOUBLE your 5 city virtual tour for just $15 more.  Yes, thats right, for just $35 she will take you on a 10 city virtual tour.

I fucking quit.  You can’t fix stupid.


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