Ragen Chastain, Trained Researcher? Decide for yourself…

There has been much talk about Ragen’s claim that she is a ‘trained researcher.’  Truth is, she spent 7 years at the University of Texas at Austin and did not get a degree.  You can fact check that for yourself here.  And I simply can’t find one person that even knows what a ‘Trained Researcher’ is.  But that isn’t the point of this post.  But you can bet your ass that I am going to debunk some of her ‘research’ in this post.

In reading through her blog, I saw a post about health insurance titled “Obesity and Health Care Costs.”  She speaks out against the media headlines that say that obesity is the cause of rising health care costs.  She cites a study from the Congressional Budget Office (CBO).  Uses a direct quote from that study to ‘prove’ that obese/overweight people do not cost more for insurance. This is is a direct quote from her blog:

“The CBO report stated clearly that obesity was NOT a major cause for rising healthcare costs. So what in fat hell happened here?

This article included a quote from the CBO report: “per capita spending on health care for adults would rise by 65 percent—from $4,550 in 2007 to $7,500 in 2020.”

The quote is accurate, but they cut off the last part of the quote which reverses the meaning.  The actual CBO report says:  ” per capita spending on health care for adults would rise by 65 percent – from $4,550 in 2007 to $7500 in 2020 largely as a result of the continuation of underlying trends in health care that have led to rapidly increasing spending for all adults regardless of weight.”

Either she is dumb or she thinks her readers are.  Because if you look at the study, they presented three scenarios.  And she is presenting one of the three ‘scenarios’ they studied as fact.

Read Ragens blog here:  “Obesity and Health Care Costs.”

Read the actual study here:  “How Does Obesity in Adults Affect Spending on Health Care?”

Draw your own conclusions.


One thought on “Ragen Chastain, Trained Researcher? Decide for yourself…

  1. I didn’t buy her bunk from the second she started talking. She mentioned an eating disorder but never clarified what exactly that was (perhaps love of food). She never detailed her diet. She never gave numbers to prove her point (health at any size) – then show me your blood pressure, your cholesterol, show me scans of your heart and joints, and above all, show me your doctor who is monitoring you through all this, which anybody in her condition should have for such intense training. Not once mentioned a doctor. It was clear to me that she made a claim and then went out in search of research that supported her claim, which is the opposite of what a researcher does… they form a hypothesis, research it, then make a claim. Duh. All the graphs and numbers she did spit out were an attack on society, focusing the attention on something other than the obvious fact that she clearly has an issue with food and has come to somehow cloud her mind into thinking this is ok. It’s not. As a nurse I could only think of all the problems she would present to me if she were to be my patient: risk for sleep apnea, difficult airway, high blood pressure, risks for pressure ulcers, the list goes on and on. I was so upset at the end of that speech I couldn’t sleep when I got home. She presented fully biased information. And I didn’t buy a second of it. Sad, really. Even sadder that an educational institution hosted her bullshit.

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