Trained researcher? Judge for yourself….

From Ragen’s own mouth…

“Today a helpful redditor sent me a link to a discussion centering around the idea that my foot, when pointed, looks like a turtle’s mouth.  This is literally a topic of conversation on reddit, the OP went and found a picture of a turtle and everything.  Maybe consider doing some volunteer work if you have that much free time, that’s all I’m saying.”

Let’s set the record straight.  And point out all of the ways Ragen missed the chance to prove her worth as a ‘Trained Researcher.’

1.  The post had nothing to do with Ragen’s foot.   In fact, it was a side by side picture of Ragen and Marilyn Monroe.  Point of the post that Marilyn Monroe was not ‘curvy’ or ‘full figured’.  She was skinny.

2.  Somebody superimposed the pic of Marilyn with Ragen.  In order to illustrate how far Ragen’s posture was off.   Because any self-proclaimed ‘elite professional athlete,” would have better form than that.  Ragen even had the audacity to say that she is in the top 5% of the entire population.

3.  Someone else used photoshop to manipulate that transparency so that Ragen’s limbs matched up with the picture of Marilyn.  Yes, Photoshop was needed to put Ragen’s arms and legs where they should be.

4.  Someone sent Ragen a link in her blog and she responded with “These amazing pictures of Marilyn Monroe and me were sent to me anonymously as a gift.”  She later realized that the pictures were used to point out her bad form and updated her blog to credit the ‘haters.’

5.  The ‘turtle mouth’ comment that she is referencing in the blog linked above?   Was one person, commenting her foot. Nobody even responded to the post that she is referencing.  So it wasn’t a ‘topic of conversation’ as she claims.

6.  Ragen claims that the OP even provided a picture.  Not true – OP compared her to Marilyn Monroe, a different user compared her foot to a turtles mouth and posted a picture of a turtle.


First transparancy

Photoshopped transparency

Ragen’s Facebook

A trained researcher would have have known, right?  It’s not that hard to backtrack and figure it out.  Trained researcher my ass.  Just another made up qualification in a vague list that just can’t be verified.   The only verification that anyone could definitively come up with is that she studied at UT Austin for seven years.  And didn’t get a degree.






4 thoughts on “Trained researcher? Judge for yourself….

  1. Actually, Marilyn’s form is not great. She lacks turn-out and her hip is lifted. Leave the critique to the dancers, Reddit. So…yeah. I mean, Regan’s certainly doesn’t look as “pretty, “but it’s actually a little better.

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