I can’t make this stuff up….

Please, read this post.  And come back when you are done.

I know, I know, you couldn’t.  She blathers on.  Talks in circles and doesn’t make any sense.  Here is the important part of this post, and precisely what I am going to dispute…

The idea of combining them has a lot to do with the use of  Body Mass Index (BMI) (a ratio of weight and height) as a measure of health by  insurance companies who wanted to save money by not having to perform actual tests. Helping them out were diet and pharmaceutical companies who found that if they could convince people that anyone over a certain BMI would have dire health consequences, it was easier to convince them to buy their stuff.

They got on committees within the CDC,  and soon 3 people with ties to pharmaceutical companies that create diet drugs, in concert with the chief “scientist” at weight watchers,  managed to convince the CDC to lower what was considered a healthy BMI and then recommend their products as a solution to the problem that they had just created.

Posted on 10/27/2010 on Ragen’s blog

You still with me?  I pretty much would have stabbed myself in the eyeball after reading that.   Common sense, English and all of that jazz.  She never shuts up.  Bottom line is that Ragen is making some serious accusations, no?

Here is where it gets fun…

In a response to a question asking about weight loss, in 2012, Ragen tells the person to start her research with this.

If you didn’t click, no big deal.  She literally pulled ‘scientific’ facts from a brochure that was put out by the Center for Consumer Freedom.   Who is the Center for Consumer Freedom, you might ask?  Sounds legit, right?

Google Richard Berman.

Better yet, ask Ragen, the self proclaimed ‘trained researcher’ is using studies from a Washington DC lobbyist that works for the big tobacco companies.   And the fast food industry.

Ragen likes to talk about the diet industry.  And the billions of dollars that they rake in preying on overweight people.

Just out of curiosity, has anyone ever compare the money the diet industry spends vs. the money fast food companies spend on advertising?

I haven’t.  But I would to hear some figures on this.



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