Ragen swears that 95% of diets fail I beg to differ…

Ragen is constantly spewing that 95% of diets fail.   Google it – I’m not citing it.  Just trust me on this.  It’s her fucking mantra.  I’ve already debunked that study here.   It was brought to my attention that the scientists behind the study no longer stand behind that research.

So here is this recent study, from 2014.  With over 3000 participants,  followed for 10 years.  

Update 7/7/14 – from a post on Reddit, here is a screenshot where Ragen is questioned on her claim that 95% of diets fail.  This post is from 2011.  She blatantly denies that she is referring to the study I’ve linked above.  Fine.  I was wrong.  But notice that she doesn’t actually answer the question?  She talks in circles.  Passes blame to the person questioning her.  And can’t give just one link  reference to the study that proves to her that 95% of all dies fail?









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