Ragen Chastain vs. Dr. Oz

The irony –  it burns.  She has the audacity to call him a snake oil salesman.  Yet she crowdfunds projects that she doesn’t complete. Not once, but twice.  And even gets her girlfriend in on the act, crowdfunding for a dog.  

Is anyone keeping track?  Are any of the HAES activists watching her?  Is she held accountable for any of the funds that people are donating to her ’causes?’    Her results are less than overwhelming.  She does the bare minimum before she moves on to the next crowdfund.  There is no transparency.  She simply collects.  Does the bare minimum of work to make it look legit.  Waits a bit and starts a new crowdfund.  That’s her m.o.  I think the most glaring example of this is the History of Fat Activism Project.  She asked for $5,000 with this crowdfund.  Collected $2600.  And these are the results.  Three interviews.   All in California.  None of which even show that she was there.  They could have simply responded and recorded answers to questions that she e-mailed.

Whether you believe her or not, that is your call.  But every charity or cause that I contribute to has financials.  They are 501.3 charities. They are accountable for the money they collect.  Why isn’t she?

Isn’t that the pot calling the kettle black?


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