Ragen Chastain, this is your life …

Ragen has posted this shit all over the internet.

She sounds like quite an impressive individual who quit her from her first extremely successful business career as a turnaround CEO to be a fat activist.

“In 2011, I left a career as a consultant and turnaround CEO to do Size Diversity Activism full time to help me reach my goal to make sure as many people as possible know about the Health at Every Size and Size Acceptance options.”

Let’s look at her claims and try to figure this out…

“Ragen Chastain is retired from a 16 year career in business operations consulting to pursue a career as a writer and speaker on self-esteem, body image, and health at every size.”

“In my background I’ve consulted for Fortune 100 Companies. I’ve been a turn-around CEO for a multi-million dollar corporate conglomerate.”

“Chastain has successfully started three businesses: Renegade Organizer Consulting, Cloud Nine Staffing and the non-profit Body Positive Dance Company.”

These are the facts:

-Ragen started a small business called Total Administrative Solutions in 2005. This later was called “The Renegade Organizer.” It appears to have been a one-woman consulting company which helps sole proprietors and small business owners to get their office more organized (including blog posts like “What the Bleep do I do with all of these business cards?”). She also published a few ebooks on organizing your office.

-Total Administrative Solutions split into “The Renegade Organizer” and another company called “Cloud Nine Virtual Staffing,” which connected small business owners with stay at home moms who could do administrative work, using Craigslist.

Body Positive Dance School and Company was a non-profit that gave dance lessons, that appears to have ceased operation in 2011.

Here’s the thing.  A CEO is a person that is in charge of a company.  And the company is bigger than the CEO.  So you can get a new CEO and the company lives on.  All three companies that Ragen started?  Defunct.  Gone.

She started one stupid business after another.  Nothing stuck.  And nothing was successful. Until she started fighting for fat.  Then she just started scamming people with one gofundme after another.  Without ever following through on her promises.

Like Tom Skerritt said in Top Gun, her ego is writing checks that her body can’t cash.  Does that even fit here as a quote?  Not sure but I like the movie and I like that quote.  So let’s just let it slide.

4 thoughts on “Ragen Chastain, this is your life …

  1. […] P.S.  For those of you wondering what a ‘turn-around CEO of a multi million dollar conglomerate’ means?  A little googling tells me that Steve Jobs was considered a ‘turn-around CEO.”  Other companies that show up with you google ‘turnaround CEO?’  Best Buy, American Apparel, Hertz, the Pope.  Numerous searches of Ragen and her past employment have never turned up anything more than her failed businesses.  As much as I hate to link back to myself because that seems lazy, these claims were debunked here […]

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